Friday, June 22, 2012

Societal Collapse Medley

I had trouble choosing from among three notable examples of the ongoing internal collapse of our society and culture, so I will post on all three. (Revised- I added a fourth)

1. In New Jersey, a woman who was hit by a baseball by an 11 year-old Little Leaguer is suing, not the League mind you (Although that would be bad enough), but the player, who is now 13. The kid, a catcher, was warming up his pitcher in a bullpen when an errant throw hit the woman. The kid indicated that he wasn't engaging in horseplay and that he immediately ran over to her and asked if she was OK. I spent countless hours coaching youth baseball games in my township and I have never heard of such a shameless act by any person who had attended a game.

2.Gay activists at a Gay Pride event at the White House (I could be done with my societal collapse on that part alone), not content with celebrating their dysfunction in an edifice that should be a place of dignity, took photos of themselves giving the middle finger at and in front of portraits of Ronald Reagan and G.W. Bush. I am reminded of the actions of conquering Muslims who made barbaric acts of iconoclasm into an art form. In addition to tearing up religious imagery, raping nuns, and such, the earlier invaders were remarkably more rustic in manner. When the conquered he Sassanid Persian Empire, they tore jewels off of embroidered fabrics and, thinking that the perfumes they had taken were spices, poured them into soups while they feasted in their new abodes. The new barbarians, a coalition of radical gays, Leftists, anti-white racists, atheists, and those Muslims who desire to bring Sharia and the rule of a restored Caliphate to the US, have instituted  new Volkerwanderung.  The difference here is that most of them did not have to cross any borders to enter the country.

As with the enervated and oppressed citizens of the late Western Roman Empire, we mostly sit on our hands while the sacking of our society, culture, and nation is ongoing.

3. This is a follow up to an earlier post (below);

The above post was about a NYC school Principal that forbade students from singing "God Bless the USA at an end-of-year ceremony. The Principal in this case is not described as a Leftist but as a Jehovah's Witness. In the post, I stated that those who had organized the event should just go with the original plan, let the kids sing the song, and let the principal howl. Well, they did me one better - they organized an event off of school property and let the kids sing. A group of vicious, cowardly adult bullies, though, shouted down the poor children while they sung. Included in this disgusting display were shouts of "Burn in Hell" that were directed at the kids and presumably the parents and others who came to share to children's happiness, which was of course torn from them.

One problem with having an orderly society is that too many people take advantage of the fact that fear of prosecution and lawsuits prevent an appropriate punch in the face from being administered to those deserving of such corrective action.

4. The Obama campaign is suggesting that couples who are getting married have their guests make a contribution to to the election campaign in lieu of giving the newlyweds a gift.

Big Brother/Everyone's Father that Obama wants to be, he can't even leave people alone during the most important event in their lives. This one brings to mind the mean-spirited and shameful (But thankfully long gone) practice of an aristocrat forcing the bride of a peasant to submit to intercourse with him on her wedding day. His elitism is so extreme that he really does not care that the gifts are meant to help get the couple started financially and materially.

I also find it hard to believe that his campaign is that hard up for cash.

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