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Multiculturalism Destroys Trust in Societies

Hat tip to Jihad Watch.

Multiculturalism is a concept of the Left. Its purpose is to erode the cultural and/or ethnic identity of a nation. Unlike the traditional method of (At least gradual) integration of immigrants and their children into the society of their new country, Multiculturalism seeks to keep the new residents as separate as possible from the society and culture of the host country.

For the Left, if the practice is successful, they will have the result of a nation in which those who are descended from, or have integrated with the culture of  the nation. From there, a "fundamentally changed" governmental structure is a strong possibility.

With a former majority with no effective political power now brushed aside, a new Leftist totalitarianism can be instituted. The the creation of a political base from the various new groups that never integrated into the society will provide enough votes for Constitutional Conventions that will overturn the old orders.

If it is not a success, the nation is faced with the possible collapse not only of the political, but also of the economic order. Lawlessness and civil war are real possibilities. At best, the nation may see a Balkanization in which people pack up and leave for regions people by those of similar religious, cultural, or ethnic backgrounds.

Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians, for examples, are told that they have no right to express concern that they will become minorities in their own nation. There, any discussions about mass immigration or lack of integration are met with charges of racism and fascism. Note that these nation cannot even be accused of the high crime topic of today's Academia - that of Colonialism.

The people of nations that have a history of gaining and maintaining of colonies are told that mass immigration and the dilution of their nation's cultural/ethnic makeup is the price that they must pay for the evils of their ancestors. This is patently false enough, but it becomes sickening when applies to nations such as those of Scandinavia or Switzerland.

The excerpts are from a post on the link at top:

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"The Danes are the world’s most trusting people. Historians and researchers believe that the Danes' nature of trusting other people goes back to the time of the Vikings. The Vikings' domestic economy was simply built on trust: If you live in a time with no police or courts, and you entrust some animal furs to a trader, you need to be able to trust that trader to pay you your money once he returns - often months or years later - from his trade trip.

Trust is very important for the economy to function. According to some researchers, a "10 percent negative change in the level of trust in a population will cause a half percent negative change in economic growth." Both Vikings and anybody who has ever borrowed or lent money knows that trust is important when it comes to finances. Without trust, there will be either no deal or a lot of resources will need to be invested in insurance, lawyers and bureaucracy.

It is easier to trust people if you feel that you know them. This is why businessmen take the effort to travel to meet their clients personally. If you know that the other party shares the same basic values, you already know a lot about that person - because you know yourself. Sharing values means knowing each other, and knowing each other increases trust. This is why criminal gangs - which are built on a high level of trust - are mostly monocultural.

So what happens when people with very different cultural backgrounds and religious values live together? The level of trust naturally goes down. In order to preserve trust and the many benefits coming from this important feeling and experience, the different groups tend to live together in enclaves separated from the other groups. It is important for people to feel "at home" - but what makes that feeling of being at home? It’s the feeling of being surrounded by a recognisable environment and culture where one does not have to communicate excessively to reach mutual understanding and thereby trust.

Proponents of multiculturalism may think that they are working for more confluent societies with more tolerant citizens by waging lawfare against our national borders and thereby forcing us to live with people from cultures that we basically do not know and understand. But their efforts are clearly counterproductive, as the result is cultural segregation and individuals focusing more on themselves. The multiculti segment clearly lacks knowledge of human nature, and their ivory tower theories completely overlook normal real life experience, established psychological theories and well known facts."

Regarding the above, I disagree with the writer. I do not give proponents of Multiculturalism the credit for being merely naive. The know fully well what they are doing.

"It is understandable when people from countries, where you need to be more egoistic to survive, have less reason to trust others to the same degree, and tend to exploit the good will and trust from others. The same goes for people from religions that tell them that adherents of other faiths are unworthy of the same respect.

A recent sample conducted by the Danish tax authorities among Somali immigrants showed that 92 percent of Somali immigrants evade taxes. On average they cheat Denmark of 8,300 USD yearly. This is possible because of the Danish system Tast-Selv ("type in yourself") that allows taxpayers to type in their income to the IRS themselves. It is a system built on the state's trust in the taxpayers and is meant to save a lot of time and money. We are also seeing an alarming increase of so-called trick thefts committed by foreigners and immigrants. Here the thieves, often disguised as police or nursing assistants, deceive the home owner into letting them into the house. This type of crime is another example of exploitation of the typical trusting Danish/Western nature. The alarmingly high degree of tax evasion and social fraud among non-Western immigrants, especially Muslims, is well known but politically incorrect to speak about. A large investigation in Høje-Taastrup, Denmark, showed that 75 percentof all social fraud is committed by immigrants - other countries have similar problems.

Trust makes people happy and countries rich, but letting people from less trust-based cultures into our fellowship turns this strength into our most dangerous weakness. Multiculturalism corrodes trust, a cornerstone for happiness, economic well-being and social cohesion - and thereby eats away at our whole way of life."

-From a comment by Vlad Tepes2 on the same link:

"The LEFT absolutely doesn't believe this deceit about "more tolerant citizens".
The LEFT is using multiculturalism to destroy Denmark.
Flooding white Christian European nations with third world barbarians is a deliberate tactic of the LEFT to destroy Nationalism and Western Civilization.
Nationalism and ethnic homogeniety are some of the greatest defenses the West has against the Left and their battering ram, Islam.
There's a good explanation of this in "Eurabia" by Bat Ye'or.

The LEFT has wanted to destroy white European nationalism since at least WWII and WWI.
White supremecist nationalism as represented by Nazi Germany but also by all the European imperial powers was seen as a threat by the third world but also by the Communists in the Soviet Union and as such it was targeted for destruction by the third world, islam and the communists - thus multiculturism.

Don't take anythng the LEFT says at face value.
The only people who fall for "Proponents of multiculturalism may think that they are working for more confluent societies with more tolerant citizens..." are the useful idiots and clueless delusional Christians and Jews who believe this "all men are created equal" and Love and Peace nonsense.
The LEFT is using Christianity against the Christians.
Clear eyed Christians and Jews see that Islam is out to slit their throats and sell their children into slavery - and multiculturalism is one of the weapons the Left and Islam use in their war against Western Civilization.

Trying to argue against multiculturalism as if its proponents are sincere but just misguided is a sign that someone is not even aware of the real threat."

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