Sunday, September 15, 2013

Islam Remark Brings Punishment to County Employee

In the Western variant of Socialism, saying the prohibited things will not result in a night visit by the secret police to appear in a kangaroo court and sentenced to death of a labor camp, but the chilling Orwellian effects are nonetheless quite apparent.

You will be ostracized, financially ruined, and/or subject to the media-fueled anger of the mob.

One thing to note is that using social media while at work ( lunch and breaks excepting) , particularly if the media is being accused on employer-owned computers (not the case with this employee), is not the most prudent of decisions. For the record, I am not sure if the employee did this during work hours or after.

The preceding was just unsolicited advice.

-From The Blaze:

"A Florida public servant may be disciplined for posting a message critical of Islam on his personal Facebook page, a county official said this week.

Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman said the county is still deciding whether or not to discipline public information officer John Jamason for a 9/11 Facebook post skewering Islam,according to the Palm Beach Post."

This is what brought on the call for disciplinary action - a remark clarifying that to truly practice Islam is to accept violence and hatred. 

“Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that preaches hate,” the message said, according to WPTV.

The County Administrator was clear that, if the employee had not been tenured and by extension not protected by civil service-type laws, he would have been terminated from his employment without benefit of a set process for matters of discipline. In other words, if he had been a new-hire or in a non-protected position he would have been fired arbitrarily; no hearing, no graduated levels of punishment or reprimands, just sent packing due to exercising his rights of free speech. From the administrator's words I understand this to mean that having the gall to speak accurately about Islam (gay marriage, illegal immigration, etc, presumably included) will bring trouble at work even if it is done on your own time in your own home.

"Weisman said that if Jamason were not a “merit system employee who is protected by State law from arbitrary termination” he may have been fired by now.

“If he was an at-will employee, for which I do have more discretion, I would be considering his termination today for the ignorance of his comments and that they are hurtful to part of our community,” Weisman told WPTV."

I have little doubt that Mr. Jamason will win any court case that follows an attempt to reprimand or disciplinary him an another manner, but the point is clear - if you say or write something that the Left has declared to be verboten, the powers that be will  - at the very least, go through the motions of charging you with a violation of the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of employees. You will have attorney fees, possibly be out of work for months, and sleepless nights. 

We steadily approaching the specter of the Hate Speech laws that gag our elder cousins in culture of Western Europe. There, the mere act of describing the realities of Islam or the details of Mohammed's life will bring - as Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff* learned, the possibility of imprisonment and fines.

For now, the Left will have to be content with a more grass-roots (but quite effective nonetheless) sort of oppression. If you speak or act in contradiction of that has been established by "consensus" as the correct way of thinking and acting, you will face the threat of a loss of your employment, (or business if you are self-employed), verbal abuse, vandalism to your home, and sometimes physical assaults. You will have some supporters, but they will assert that they cannot say what they believe do to the fear of experiencing that which befell you. You will be effectively alone. 

That is, unless the People begin to employ the traditional Western manner of thinking and worry more about the future of the grandchildren than their own fortunes. That's what caused people to leave the comfort and security of their ancestral lands and build (by hand) homes and farms in regions in which they were subject to privations and attacks by people who did not want them there. 

We need to start thinking like those who sold themselves into years of indenture servitude just for the chance to - once free of the terms of the contract, to get a freely-held piece of land to bequeath to their children.


  1. # 1 His remark is accurate

    # 2 His remark is a personal opinion, covered by the First Amendment.

    A similar situation occurred recently in New Jersey where a heroic Transportation Worker burned a Koran on his own time to protest the building of a Mosque at the 9-11 site. The governor of the state said it was a "despicable act" and he was fired. The ACLU defended him and the state had to rehire him and pay him backpay.

    I suggest the gutless idiot who runs that County in Forida had better do some research before wasting taxpayer dollars in a suit to depreive a citizen of his consitutitional rights.

    1. -Correct about the Free Speech aspect but unfortunately missing the mark on "brave". A brave man does not taunt a criminal or terrorist who has hostages within his reach. When I write my posts, I remind myself that each and every Christian living in a Muslim-majority country is a possible target due to what I say or do. A brave man does not provide cowards with any justification to harm innocents, rather, he confronts the coward himself and exposes himself to possible violence. As I noted in a older post about Koran-burner Terry Jones, if he had burned Korans in the middle of a Muslim city and risked the inevitable fury of the mob, then he would be brave. Jones however knows that - for example, that a Christian girl may be abducted from the street in Cairo ,and gang raped in response to his actions but he goes through with his show in the safety of the US. That makes him a coward.

  2. The thing we need to emphasize and re-emphasize again and again for the benefit of the unread in America is that Islam is NOT a "religion" in the sense that any other faith is. Its NOT purely about salvation and a relationship between man and God. Its a fascist socio-economic-political system. It is grounded in Sharia Law which an application of the Koran to everyday life. It is a system whic refuses to tolerate dissent, refuses to tolerate any other belief system, which condones slavery, violence towards non-Muslims, abuse of women, and brutal Medieval punishments which no civilized society would tolerate. Further, nearly every country run by Muslims is an economic backwater, or an oil state made wealthy by the exploitation of a non-renewable resource primarily extracted and processed by non-Muslims imported for that purpose.

    Look at Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan. You are seeing Islam at work. Cultural wastelands which produce nothing of value aside from fanatical suicide killers.

    Yeah, that guy was right on his facebook site and the Manager of that COunty is a gutless coward.