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Father Arrested at Common Core Meeting,0,7127220.story

Robert Small at this point is still a voice crying out in the wilderness.

"A parent in Towson, Md., was arrested Thursday night at a public forum after vocally expressing his concerns about the Baltimore County School District’s plan to use Common Core standards in its curriculum.

Robert Small, a concerned father, was forcefully removed from the meeting by a police officer after he interrupted Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance during the question-and-answer portion of the forum.

The meeting apparently didn’t allow parents to stand up and ask questions or comment. Parents and other attendants were instead asked to write their questions on a piece of paper and officials would read them.

However, Small began speaking out against the district’s use of Common Core, prompting a security guard, who was also a police officer, to approach him and order him to leave. “Let’s go!” he said sternly.

When Small didn’t immediately comply, the officer began pulling his arm and pushing him towards the exit. Some audience members gasped at the cop’s use of force.

Don’t stand for this,” the father said as he was dragged out. “You are sitting here like cattle! Is this America?”......"

Although he appears to have made no effort to push or strike anyone, Mr. Small was charged with assaulting a police officer when he was grabbed by the security guard who was an off-duty police officer and forced to leave the room (Video in the link on The Blaze).

"Despite some opposition from parents, the Maryland State Department of Education reportedly plans to go forward with its implementation of Common Core standards, joining 45 other states and Washington, D.C., in adopting the standards for the first time this year.

“Look, I am being manhandled and shut down because I asked inconvenient questions,” Small told the Baltimore Sun after the incident. “Why won’t they allow an open forum where there can be a debate? We are told to sit there and be lectured to about how great common core is.

The Common Core Curriculum is the new standard  for American schools that has been so thoroughly pushed that, as of now, 45 US states have signed on to the program.

To save space, I will refrain from going into detail on the Common Core. Credible information on the program is readily accessible via Internet searches. In short, the Common Core is the principle means by which the youth of the United States will be both subjected to a lower grade of education than American students of the past two decades (unbelievable but true), and fully brainwashed to hold to an anti-Western/US and pro-Left/Islam mindset. It is rife with highly sexualized content, including sexual assaults sickeningly being portrayed as something other than violent  crimes. Its history material has content that paints the US - from its inception, as being just plain wrong from the beginning. Islam is pushed as a force of peace, tolerance, and enlightenment.

The average American parent is unfortunately weak in spirit and will acquiesce to these without a fight. What they will object to, however, is the horrific lowering of standards for literacy, science, and mathematics central to the Common Core. One requirement of Common Core is that even older students use informational pamphlets, such as those made by government agencies, in class for reading material. These are written in an - at best, fifth grade reading level. Mr. Small nailed it when he shouted that this program is setting up the student for a a ticket to a Community College. Under this program, any youth  that does not get tracked for Honors-level classes from the beginning of  primary school will have learned an immeasurable amount less than a student in any other reasonably developed nation. In the case of US and World History, what he will have learned is so twisted as to have the effect of  outright lies. In American schools, the US involvement in the Philippine Insurrection is already being described as an act of genocide even though US actions did not meet any of the criteria specified by the UN's definition of that crime.

This movement has been going on for a long time. The Common Core is only codifying this trend and guaranteeing that the quality of education will go even lower and remain there. High School Spanish students (I am fortunate that we were able to put my youngest through Catholic high school) are already often taught next to zero about that language. When my son was talking about this with his cousin who attends the high school in our municipality, I was shocked to overhear how little he knows. In  a move that effectively told the students that they would learn nothing in his class, his teacher even made a comment at the start of the year to the effect that the only way to learn a language is to live in the nation in which that language is spoken. I provided examples from my Sophomore year (such as verb conjugations in the imperfect and preterite) to him in an effort see if he is learning what I learned in Spanish II. The poor child just shook his head and replied that the teacher had not even mentioned a word of these. He then added that they watch Spanish videos while the teacher sits at his computer. What this teacher does is have the students regurgitate a few words and short phrases of Spanish and leaves it at that.

What we are witnessing is the full blooming of the intentions of John Dewey, an early American Progressive who was as enamored with the educational system of the USSR as he was with the thought of the subjugation of the People to Socialism. While the writer in the link*, Bruce Price, gives Dewey far more credit than I would (Price seems to hold that Dewey may have been merely mistaken), he nonetheless provides the best through yet short summary of the work of the Father of the Decline of American Education. Any parent, would-be parent, or American simply concerned about his nation should read about Dewey and the "educators" who followed in his footsteps.

Have your children had to memorize "sight words'? If so, then you can thank others associated with John Dewey:

"....In 1911, G. Stanley Hall, one of John Dewey's mentors, went so far as to extol illiteracy: "It is possible, despite the stigma our bepedagogued age puts upon this disability, for those who are under it not only to lead a useful, happy, virtuous life, but to be really well-educated in many other ways....."

- and the story one one who fought back the best he could:

Robert Small is one man and he cannot do it alone. He needs us. Having come to the belief that putting out fires is a waste of time, I have come to avoid fighting each single attack by the Left and concentrate on looking and calling for big changes for the future. In this case I make an exception. The Common Core must be rolled back and now. Please take the time to learn about it and take action. We need a movement of the People, and we need it now.

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