Sunday, September 22, 2013

Activists Checked by IDF Cry Foul

another verse of the same song. 
-Colin McEvedy

In a repeat performance of past publicity/drama-creating sideshows, activists who had been working under the banner of the EU (in American football parlance)  'ran their standard play'. The idea is to bring lots of video crews, show up at a location in which IDF soldiers or Israeli police would be required to stop them, deliberately use provocative language and initiate physical confrontations, have the video crews be highly selective in what footage they capture (read - don't press "record" until your guys have already done most of their work), then broadcast to the entire world the purported brutality of the Israelis.

This appears to be nothing more than a slightly different version of the 2010 supposed (not fully recalling the name) 'bicycle tour for peace' where many if the participants/demonstrators tried to press their way through Israeli lines and assaulted IDF soldiers. The footage of course picks up only after the initial altercation, so we only see IDF soldiers knocking back the demonstrators.

In this case, however, one of the demonstrators/activists seemed to have forgotten the plan and (admittedly ineffectual) punched one of the soldiers.

For the most part, though, the probable Leftists (how many Pro-Palestinian European activists are not Leftists?) got what they wanted - media outlets all over the world telling us how badly these poor people who juts came to help were treated.

Video is in the link.

"The media were quick to draw conclusions about an incident that took place in the West Bank on Friday during which Israel Defense Forces (IDF) apparently tried to stop a truck carrying tents meant to rebuild Bedouin shacks in Khirbet Al-Meiteh that had been demolished after an Israeli court determined they had been illegally constructed.

In addition to the Palestinian activists traveling with the materials, at least one European diplomat was present when the IDF’s effort to stop the truck turned into a scuffle, including the reported use of stun grenades. Multiple news agencies wrote that diplomats were “manhandled,” but the video of the event does not appear to show that. In fact, at least one diplomat threw a punch at Israeli soldiers.

Reuters reported that European Union diplomats had been “manhandled” by IDF soldiers.

Russia Today also said that diplomats were “manhandled” while “trying to deliver emergency aid.”

Business Insider’s headline blared “Wild Photos Show Israeli Defense Forces Manhandling Diplomats In The West Bank,” but its attached photo essay shows no diplomats being touched, let alone “manhandled.” Rather, it shows two images of the French diplomat on the ground with soldiers holding their guns and standing over her and two photos of another unidentified man in a scuffle with the troops........

According to the IDF’s version of events, “Palestinian and foreign activists violently objected, throwing stones and striking Israeli security forces. The security personnel contained the violence with riot dispersal means, seized the tents and detained three Palestinians who were the main instigators, forcefully objecting to the activity.”...........

But the IDF says it’s investigating if diplomats “abused their diplomatic privileges” and “if required, complaints will be filed with the relevant authorities.”.........

But, according to the IDF, the photo “was taken as a screenshot from a video with footage clearly showing that Marion Castaing was neither physically dragged to the floor nor had guns pointed at her. Also, the photo clearly shows that the officer is holding his gun by the magazine, nowhere near the rifle’s grip.” The IDF posted a photo on its blog that sketched the angle at which the rifle was held to try to demonstrate it was not pointed at Castaing’s head. TheBlaze is unable to verify that claim......."

So, here is the summary:

An Israeli court rules that Bedouin shacks were not constructed legally (I'm sure that Bedouins routinely file all necessary paperwork and would never occupy land that they did not own) and the structures are subsequently razed. The EU, apparently operating under the assumption that they can overrule decisions of Israeli judges, decide to make big show of having their diplomats accompany those bringing tents to rebuild the illegal structures. When an attempt is made to stop the truck carrying the materiel, the participants force their way through the line of soldiers. The video footage, as expected, begins after the initial physical confrontations. We are then are treated to the chorus of multiple media outlets who, with a  precision of the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Team,  break out with a coordinated barrage of the exact pre-planned verbiage to describe the event.

Does anyone see the similarity to the methods used by American Democrats and their allies in the Liberal press?  When we are subjected to week's worth of claims from multiple sources  of the Republican "War on Women", the even more bizarre claim that Conservatives are responsible for the bankruptcy of the City of  Detroit, or any other wild assertion that is deployed on cue, we are not witnessing people who are at a loss for words and thus have to copy what others say. What happens is an operation that is coordinated to the point that the descriptions of the event will be settled on by the planners either before the event occurs or immediately after. What we get is the incessant Orwellian pounding of what amounts to a propaganda of labels. They do this because, for many of us, it works. Come Monday morning, Americans will speak of the Israeli soldiers as brutal thugs who beat - diplomats of all things, who were only there to help the oppressed Bedouins.


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