Sunday, September 29, 2013

Angela Merkel Eschews German Flag at Election Celebration

There is very little that can be said about this, especially if the video has not yet been seen by the reader. I assure you it's very brief - less than ten seconds.

Hat to to Gates of Vienna-

Now tell me, was that ugly or not?

Grossmutter's deportment is easy to understand even by the least observant of us. Handed the flag, she immediately gives what appears to be an almost reflexive shake of her head to indicate her disapproval of such an obsolete and inappropriate act of - God forbid, love of one's nation. As a Catholic, the best comparison that I can imagine would be handing a monstrance containing a consecrated host to an American Fundamentalist Christian and asking him if he would like to adore the Eucharist. Just as quickly, the old hag steps away to dispose of the offending symbol of an era better off forgotten. Returning, she feels that she has not made her point clearly enough to her colleague and engages in a more comprehensive gesture; she shakes her head with greater emphasis - this time showing even a greater sense of annoyance, and murmurs what in American English would likely be something to the effect of "What the F---- of wrong with you? - I can't believe that you did that. You ruined my celebration."

All of this from a leader of a political party that labels itself as Center-Right. 

Germans from Hermann to Bismark must be rolling over in their graves.

...and the excuses and praise will pour in-

    The Chancellor did not want to offend our citizens who do not identify themselves as Germans. She believes that such displays are a dangerous manifestations of nationalism. She did not desire to equate the CDU with rabid nationalism. Many ethnic Germans of the Green and other Leftist parties are opposed to displays of the flag........

We have very, very few elected officials in Western nations who have, or will allow displays of, any pride in their nation, its history, or (least of all) the people who created them.

This sort of act should not come as a surprise. We see similar attitudes  in the United States, but in Western Europe they who have been indoctrinated by their Leftist handlers in Academia are (admittedly barely) one step ahead of their rustic and less cosmopolitan cousins in America:

"European football championship: The left says no to the German flag

Unfortunately the red-white-red flags are lacking on cars at the European football championship currently underway. The reason for this is not the lack of patriotism, for we (Austrians) are condemned to just watch it on TV.

In Germany this is completely different — our northern neighbor is as always joint favorite for the European championship title, and many Germans are also decorating their cars this year with the German flag:

It’s typical of Germany — many lefties disapprove of showing this patriotism. There are lots of photos on the internet about an action in which unknown people furiously break off the flags from the cars. Here you can read their reasons for this:"

[Photo of sign left on the cars on which flags were previously displayed is in the link above]

"Dear car driver (m/f)

I have taken away your German flag. No matter why you have attached this flag (to your car), this gives way in any case to nationalism.

No? of course it does!

This flag does not represent football or any team, but German identity.

Spare yourself your money, us the work, and nature the rubbish, and do not replace it with a new one!"

I'll ask the question again-

At what point will enough be enough for you?

In the US, a the new Chivalry -  the one what places the ruin of the family, murder of our unborn, the degradation of women, etc.,  in a position to be defended with a ferocity bordering on that of the Cherusci and their allies in the Teutoburger Wald, is plainly illustrated by the response of one particular gentleman (along with his Chatti allies) to the work of a campus pro-life group:

“You’re in conflict with the world that I want which is a world where all your churches burn,” the student then tells the group. “And if we are ever strong enough, we are going to stop you.”

According to the email Students For Life sent out, another student also ripped out pink crosses they had placed in the ground that were supposed to symbolize the amount of “babies that Planned Parenthood kills each day.” The student allegedly shouted abortion “was awesome” as he removed the crosses."

Our response?

The Western churches utterly ignore the  heritage of the Western peoples who provided the Church with a safe place to develop and by their culture contributed to the formation (and outlook) of Western Christianity. Instead, while additionally dropping any old-fashioned talk of sin and redemption, they ally with the Left and focus almost solely on Social Justice.

The People of Western Europe who recognize that their national sovereignty and ethnic/cultural identities are being trampled underfoot ignore the role of the Church in forming even the secular character of their societies. They engage what will prove to be futile attempts to salvage their sovereignty restore their culture by either sticking to a strict secular program or  reversions to a pre-Christian pagan identity, such as that of the Thule Society. 

The rest are just too busy putting food on the table to be bothered.

People, if you want to lose this struggle, by all means continue working separately  and acting as if the other parties don't exist.

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