Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Obama, Kerry Digging Deep Syrian Hole

The war-mongering that we are currently witnessing is unprecedented in the history of the United States. That is saying a lot; we have Yellow Press incidents such as the times leading up to the Spanish-American war and WWI (just to name two) that pale in comparison to what we are witnessing today in this nation.

John McCain pulled his support for a military strike on Syria, but only so that another proposal could be made one that allows even more military action against Syria than missile strikes. That's it John, instead of doing the right thing, demand more of the wrong thing than you wanted in the first place.

John Kerry's (Read Obama's) plan is to leave a proposals so open-ended as to allow for troops to be deployed to Syria  in order to take control of chemical weapons stores. Another great ,move, let's drop the military strike idea and demand approval that US troops operate inside Syria.

-This while even the United Nations (of which I am no fan) Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon has made it clear that striking Syria could easily make the situation worse. Specifically  "...unleash more turmoil and bloodshed in that nation's civil war."

Do you really want to laugh? take a look at the link. Haaretz is a Left-wing newspaper that regularly engages in misinformation about the Israeli-Arab conflict and does everything that it can to undermine its own country. If even Haaretz has joined in with the common-sense crowd, then we must admit that something is obviously wrong with a  strike against Syria.

OK, let's get a short count of some major players-

The People of the United States - No

Russia - Nyet 

China - No

Great Britain - No

United Nations - No

India - No (Don't laugh, they have a large and strong military)

[Revised 9/5/13 (I forgot) The Pope - No}

Italy - The nation is not prepared for the inevitable  flood of refugees that will inundate Europe in the event of a strike. (Italy is already overwhelmed with refugees from the North African coast and those who have fled Syria)

Germany - Not committing either way (elections are coming soon)

France - Yes (Obama gets one here)

That's 6 [7 with revision] - 1 with two abstaining or advising caution.

The Nobel Peace Prize recipient has painted himself into a corner. The problem, is, the rabid narcissist may not care and stomp his feet all over the wet paint just to get his way.

The result of military intervention will likely be a full-blown cleansing of Christians in Syria:

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