Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scotland Moves to Oversee Upbringing of all Children


One reader just sent me a petition on this subject. I signed it right away.

"A bill currently going through the Scottish Parliament seeks to appoint a “named person” to each child in the country. This person, outside of the child’s parents, would “promote, support or safeguard the wellbeing of the child or young person.”

The Children and Young People Bill, which would be part of the already widely adopted Getting It Right For Every Child approach, has been met with backlash by some who have called its provisions “dystopian.”

Here are some of the functions a named person would provide, according to the bill:

(a) doing such of the following where the named person considers it to be appropriate in order to promote, support or safeguard the wellbeing of the child or young person—
(i) advising, informing or supporting the child or young person, or a parent of the child or young person,
(ii) helping the child or young person, or a parent of the child or young person, to access a service or support, or
(iii) discussing, or raising, a matter about the child or young person with a service provider or relevant authority, and
(b) such other functions as are specified by this Act or any other enactment as being functions of a named person in relation to a child or young person..........."
When will the people decide that enough is enough?

In Scotland, parents may soon be reduced to being nothing more than wage-earning babysitters for their own kids.

As I noted in a previous post, I read Orwell's 1984 three years before the title year. The picture was a frightening but not unrealistic one, but the handwriting was on the wall for the USSR.

- and it would never happen here in the West, or so we thought.

Western Marxists went right back to work. If they could no longer pretend that the Soviet Union was a functioning state with a viable system, they would stick with the Plan B that had been in operation since the intervening  of WWI and WWII. Cultural Marxism, the baby of Western Marxists, had as its goal the complete undermining of Western Culture (Lukaks - "Who will save us from Western Culture?") to prepare the way for worldwide Socialism. American Academia could even suggest that only the ongoing existence of the classist and Capitalistic Western societies prevented the USSR from succeeding.

Yes, if Major League Baseball had instituted a maximum fastball speed of 85 MPH, then maybe even I could have played on the Yankees.

Western Marxism, though so far avoiding any talk of gulags,  is softer in nature, but is is also filthier, uglier, and far more immoral. One of its key strategies is to drive a wedge between parents and children. The UK is  already notorious for the manner in which Family Services staff are sicced on parents. Letting your kids know that you hold the position that England should consist of mostly ethnic English, for example, is enough to bring a Family Services visit and possible legal trouble at the hands of the State.

If this bill becomes Law, then massive amounts of already-precious tax Pounds (One bold and intelligent move was to avoid the Euro) will be needed to hire the needed hordes of Leftist-minded bureaucrats that will revel in interrogating kids. What they will want to know is whether or not Mom and Dad stray from government-approved methods of raising children, household rules, or punishment, and if they voice any concerns about the direction in which their country is headed.

Winston Smith, being childless, mostly had to worry about the cameras and microphones that were everywhere, including in his TV. Tom Parsons was reported by his young daughter. In Scotland, there may be no need for either; if they do not display sufficient initiative, the Bureaucrats will just take the kids aside and coax them to open up.

What do your parents do if you do not do your homework or talk back to them?

Do they let you go anywhere you want and stay out late or are they too restrictive?

Do they ever spank you?

Do they support the Multicultural policy of Cultural Enrichment or are they racist?

Do they ever claim that Muslim immigrants commit too many crimes?

Do they speak well of or have any literature from groups such as the Scottish or English Defense Leagues?

-You get the picture.

The people of the West are watching the grains of sand run through the hourglass. There will come a time when they will no longer have the means to effect a necessary political movement to free themselves from Western Marxism. For some time, the UK and her daughter-nations were alone in fighting the Nazis in the Westerns theaters. After the war, the UK was then promptly moved in to the Socialist camp. It is telling that the great British Polemarch, Winston Churchill, was sacked once his work was done - his vociferous opposition to and realistic assessment of Socialism made him a danger to have around.

It is even more tragic that George Orwell, who saw and described with such clarity what happens in a Centralized Marxist state, was himself taken with the sick dream of Socialism. Like other Western Marxists, he (Possibly the only one who did so sincerely) seemed to believe that the Western nations could create independent Socialist  states that would not only be worker's paradises but would also avoid all armed conflict. He avoided full-blown Communism, but appears to have deluded himself that the Leftist system of Fascism was the same as Capitalism and that he would be more free to write want he wanted in a Socialist country. If he were alive today and could see how Conservative/opposition journalists and others are treated by the establishments in the West, I think that he would see things quite differently.

Scotland needs a new William Wallace.


  1. Thank you for highlighting this issue. Please consider signing and sharing this petition which is helping to get the word out.


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