Friday, July 12, 2013

Zimmerman Trial - Journalists Going All-out

Immediately following the death of Trayvon Martin, the media went straight into fifth gear. The enormous problem of black-on-white crime in the US? (Or even  black-on-black) - Forget all of that because the media gets no mileage out of reports that do not attack the "White Establishment" or problems of violence in black communities. What they look for are accounts of a black being killed by a white person. The particulars of the case are of no concern to them. Like the old commercial in which the hokey transmission mechanic is holding a large hammer and says to the customer "Don't worry, we'll make it fit", they will do their all to make the black person the victim each time.

Remember when James Byrd was dragged to death by whites behind a truck? The account still brings up feelings of rage for me. That man was treated savagely and I wished (Still do) that I could get my hands on the pigs that committed the murder. The media reported on this for months, and it is still is treated as some sort of crime that is common in our society.

Now, does anyone remember the Wichita Horror? I'll bet that most do not, and for one reason -

It was utterly ignored by the media, and what little coverage it got consisted of assuring all of us that race had nothing to do with it. Race is never a factor when whites are attacked by blacks:

When the media found out the name of the shooter of Trayvon Martin, they were jubilant. The media had a perfect white guy, George Zimmeran. The German last name was a perfect fit for a sensationalized story to incite emotional and violent reactions in American blacks, but something quickly became known that threatened to ruin the media party:

Mr. Zimmerman was half-Hispanic, and he looked a hell of a lot more like an Hispanic than a guy in a photo of Wehrmacht troops.

They quickly and with a coordination of military precision reformed and came up with a new designation - "white Hispanic". This was a new development as the media had never employed any such term previously.

When whites were subsequently attacked with accompanying shouts of "This is for Trayvon", the media ignored or explained away these accounts as unreliable. Several links to these attacks can be found in the link below:

The Media instead ran with stories on "hoodies", skittles and iced tea, gated communities, profiling, and flooded the news reports with photos of a twelve year-old kid with an innocent smile. Trayvon Martin was 17 when he was killed, and the press left out any information about what kind of person he was five years after the youth football photo. No less than two news outlets ran maliciously edited versions of Zimmerman's calls to police dispatchers in order that the public would hear what sounded like a guy following a kid simply because he was black.

Now that the testimony and other evidence has been presented, we have little reason to believe that the cops were wrong in initially refraining from charging Zimmerman. The media, though, is not only steadfastly refusing to back down on the version that they shamefully fed us last year, they are now pointing fingers at the cops for preparing for possible violence that was enthusiastically fueled by the media in the first place. This is despite the fact that calls for violence have been explicitly made on social media and other venues:

".....Given the way law enforcement delayed over Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting—it was 46 days before George Zimmerman was arrested—there is cause for concern. It was a groundswell of protest from the black community that brought the shooting to the nation’s attention—remember the One Million Hoodie March? This case has sparked a movement—in defense of young black men and in opposition to Stand Your Ground law. But the pre-emptive call for calm runs counter to recent history, and may be akin to racial fear mongering......"
The media is the enemy of the people. Failing to convince us with their lies, they now turn to blaming others for preparing to deal with any possible violence. Of course the cops would also be blamed by the same media if they didn't prepare and violence did ensue.

We can also be certain that the media does not care what happens in cases in which police preparation will not help individuals from being attacked.

-From a previous post:

"...A well-planned and coordinated police response may well be sufficient to quell large-scale rioting, but it will do nothing to prevent innocents from being attacked by proxy. The facts no longer matter in our society - Trayvon Martin has been deemed to never have done anything wrong in his tragic encounter with George Zimmerman and that is enough. Cops, expert witnesses, and eyewitnesses could have been lined up for miles, but innocents will become victims of beatings and quite possibly rape and murder if the jury finds that the Prosecution did not prove that the accused is guilty. Older citizens, females, and young men who find themselves outnumbered will be fair game. With the knowledge of how Zimmerman was declared guilty by many immediately after the shooting, many innocent victims will be too fearful to defend themselves....."

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