Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fat Parents Can't Keep Their Fat Kids in UK

I was sent one of the above links today. Although the case dates back to two years ago, they are quite telling about the current state of Western societies. This also is an example of a case that leads up to a more recent post:

This is so bad that I can't even make an Austin Powers joke.

Concerning the top links, I can think of few instances that do not prove any more clearly that we have arrived at the "Orwellian twilight of the West" (credit for quote - McEvedy).

First off, we need to drop the whole "nanny state" label for what is going on; the actions NYC's Bloomberg and what we see here have nothing to do with being overprotective. What we are experiencing is the full centralized control of the State. It is designed to turn the individual into an unthinking but cowering  mammalian form of insect.

It started out with the horror of horrors for the Leftist-minded; a kid got hit by his father. I don't know if it was a slap or if any injury occurred, but rest assured that the State-cultivated lie that hitting a kid is never anything but wrong was accepted as dogma by the official that investigated the report.

There followed something out of a movie about a dystopian future that would seem so ridiculous that it - in modern cinematic parlance, would go "straight to DVD". The kids were put into foster care because the parents and children were too fat; their weight was deemed to be a form of child abuse. The family was not split up, though. They were housed together in a some sort of government housing in which they and their lifestyle were supervised by the righteous agents of the state.

I had to look up the term "stone" as used in the article for the amount of weight that the parents stated that they did lose while attempting to claw their way out of this hell-hole. I had seen it a few times but I am ashamed to admit that I never checked for details until today. What I got was that a stone translates to fourteen pounds. The parents did make an effort to slim down, and the photo at the top of  the article in The Sun shows a family that is, although far from physically fit, certainly not even remotely close to some of the obese adults and children that we see in the US. Over here, we read reports of walls being cut out of homes (I am not joking) to extract immensely obese individuals from their rooms that their size prevented them from leaving for years.

Needless to say, the efforts of the parents produced results that were not sufficient for the case workers, so the state moved to put the younger children up for adoption. I could no find any more recent articles, so I can only wonder if the parents were able to get their kids back or if they had to say goodbye until the victims of the state reached adulthood.

At what point will enough be enough for you?

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