Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catholic Bishop Prohibits Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch From Speaking

I'll leave this one very short-

Robert Spencer runs Jihad Watch a blog with a reputation for unerring accuracy about the teachings and practices of Islam. He is also an accomplished author, speaker, and trainer.

As a consequence of his work, he has been slandered and vilified by a rogue's gallery of Leftists and Muslims commentators. Muslim revisionist Reza Aslan makes a habit of attacking and misrepresenting Mr. Spencer, and the Huffington Post recently allowed the unapologetic liar Nathan Lean an entire column worth of false accusations about him. The Huff Post also did not allow any response from Spencer in his defense.

The most disturbing developments in the last few months have both come from Catholic Bishops. After being dis-invited from speaking at a men's conference (Due to the factual content of his work)  in Connecticut last March, Mr. Spencer  has now been prohibited from speaking at a conference in Sacramento, California.

Catholic Bishops may tell themselves that Syrian Christians will no longer be subjected to beheadings if we promise to stop speaking truthfully about Islam, but those who have read the Koran and other Islamic sources tend to believe otherwise.

I am a devout Catholic and I hold my leaders accountable for their actions.

Please go to the link and sign the electronic petition. The Bishop's email is also provided on the post.


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