Thursday, July 18, 2013

French Woman Viciously Attacked - No Help From Cops

While our press models Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as an object of affection for our young women and portrays him as a victim of the family and system that both "failed" him*, another report comes our of Western Europe, where multiculturalism has been so successful that even the cops have stepped out of the morass and left the people to fend for themselves

The video (With text underneath) in the following link must be viewed only after steeling oneself. It contains gruesome and stomach-turning details.  A female store owner was subjected to continual harassment and a horrific gang rape, the description of which is hard to read. The cops essentially ignored her positive identification of the attackers and accepted the weak alibis that were offered to prove that they were innocent.

The people of Western Europe have been betrayed by their own elected officials. Multiculturalism is not a failure, it is a great success. It is achieving everything that the Left wanted. The electorate votes solidly for Leftist candidates, the people are helpless against the routine abuse and criminal activities of those who enrich the culture, and the police are at best impotent, apathetic, and afraid to act.

It is time to sing the Marseillaises with some meaning.

*Our society has devolved into a pit of dysfunction that glorifies bad people while ignoring their victims:


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