Sunday, July 14, 2013

Left Wants People Helpless and Afraid to Act

It's a shame when we have to be happy that "small" fires, smashed police cars and windows, burned American flags, and some graffiti is all that we have seen.

As the opinion piece in the link below notes, this case should in no way have gone to trial. The "Stand your ground" law clearly had nothing to do with the shooting. When someone is being held down or otherwise being made unable to to leave , he or she is not drawing a line in the sand. The Left detests laws that recognize one's inherent right to engage in acts of self-preservation. While most (But by no means all) will grudgingly admit that force may be used when it can later be demonstrated that the victim was faced with an immediate threat and left with no other option, they will insist the the victim must be able to provide an overwhelming amount of proof that this was the case - no mean feat if the event was not recorded on camera.

At any rate, that is one of the main reasons why they labored with such passion to conflate the confrontation and shooting with Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law (The other being sensationalizing white-on-black violence and covering up the converse). They want these laws gone, and they will scrape the bottom of the barrel to find instances to cite in support of overturning or repealing of laws that give people some hope that, if they take steps to protect themselves, they at least have a chance of employing an affirmative defense*.

Leftists would certainly prefer that our laws are more in line with those of nations that were not founded by free peoples. About ten years ago, I read an article about two criminal trials (One may have been a pre-trial hearing) in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) that were going on at the same time but in different courtrooms. One was for a man who was being charged with attempted rape. The other trial or hearing was for the victim; she was being charged for biting off a piece of her assailant's ear (Thus successfully ending the assault) during the attack. Mind you, the average American or Western European would applaud that woman for fighting back with such determination and ferocity. In our culture (Particularly in US laws), rape is considered a crime for which Deadly Force can be utilized to prevent or stop the crime from being perpetrated. Biting off a piece of an ear, although it may be argued by some to be less than "serious bodily harm", will hardly result in death unless the one who is bitten developed a major infection from the wound, yet here the victim was, in court-

-For (In the eyes of the Korean prosecutors), using more force than was necessary to prevent the assailant from raping her.

As far as I am concerned that woman was, to use and old US phrase (Sorry ladies for the unintentional  property-like connotations), "marriage material". She is the kind of woman I would want to raise my daughter. In Korea, though, one is legally required (Never got the outcome of the trial and the laws may have changed since then) to use only a minimal amount of force to stop a (probably heavier, stronger, and more aggressive) man from raping her.

The Left wants people to be fearful of anyone who approaches in a manner that sends up "red flags" or actually assaults them, and of possible prosecution in the event that they do in fact  take decisive action.

From the outset, it was readily apparent that the prosecution had no case. That picture never changed during the rest of the trial.

We have a catastrophic societal problem on our hands; an Attorney General's Office that does the bidding of the media and the mob, a mob (Consisting of all ethnic groups) that will never admit that Zimmerman did not murder Martin despite being privy to more information than even the jurors received, and a President who, not content with having made viciously accusatory remarks following the actual shooting, tells people to "honor" a young man who, by all accounts, was beating someone up in the moments before he was shot and killed (And also falsely referring to Zimmerman's act as one of "gun violence"):

".......We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin."

The Chief of Police of the City of Sanford was fired for refusing to be bullied into charging Zimmerman. I hope that he sues for damages, reinstatement, and back pay.


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