Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupying wall Street

Those who have taken up semi-permanent residence in New York City ostensibly to protest abuses, probably both real and perceived, of financial institutions and major corporations, have been of late showing their true colors. After being repeatedly lied to by their handlers in the halls of American academia, these souls have taken what they have been told to expect to be their due and promptly began to make demands for satisfaction.

It is the fault of the American system that those who choose to attend college consequently have the burden of debt for the student loans. These debts must be done away with. From now on, the US taxpayer must not only shoulder its current burden but must add to its task list having to pay to get rid of carbon emissions, new social programs, and of course Jonnie Doe's college bill.

There was never a thought of working for an employer such as, say United Parcel Service, which offers tuition assistance even to part-time employees. Performing a few hours of physical labor five days a week is apparently way too much to ask of these prima donnas who learned from their multicultural classes how horrible the West and particularly the United States are. The taxpayer is supposed to pay for them to sit in class and listen to professors bad-mouth the very system that put them in those seats in the first place.

Noticeable too were the demands that the US government, which these educated individuals have learned (in college) apparently has the authority to demand anything of anybody or any organization, require that employers hire people who have Liberal arts degrees. It doesn't matter that employers need engineers, chemists, IT people, business majors, etc. Employers should be required to hire me because I took classes in Colonialism, basic anthropology, history of minorities and women, and whatever else provided a forum for a leftist professor who couldn't earn a living otherwise to bash the very system (and those who created it) that provides him with a decent job. What can I offer the employer? Well, I'm educated, isn't that enough?

The concept of work does not apply to these types, nor does the concept of punching one's card. They want what you have and they want it right now. They would not dream of living frugally and buying a fixer-upper house when they are ready to take that step.

The fantasy world that is presented in colleges today has produced probably a generation's worth of people with few skills and broad ideas of entitlement. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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