Friday, October 21, 2011

China Still Practicing Forced Abortions

A 37 year-old former mother of two with one on the way died on October 12 in China for the horrific offense for trying to give birth to a third child. The GuardianUK reported that Ma Jihong was approached by a "Family Planning Unit" of ten employees, who indicated that she would have to accompany them to the hospital so that her late-term pregnancy could be terminated, apparently for the good of the state.

Since the woman had clearly already taken advantage of the government policy that generously allows rural families to have a second child if the first child is a girl (Well, they had to come up with some way to stop people from committing infanticide of female babies), local officials felt that this scofflaw had gone too far. According to the article, she had been aware that others in her neighborhood had gotten away with flouting Chinese Law and thought that she could do the same. Although the officials were officially constrained by current Chinese law that outlaws forced abortions, these courageous civil servants were left with no choice than to terminate the pregnancy in order to help meet local birth "targets" or quotas.

The offender was reported to have been refused oxygen, being told "Don't pretend to be sick, I have seen many of you behave like that". Her heart and breathing stopped while doctors were preparing to administer the drug that would induce the abortion. Efforts to revive her failed. The article did not specify if her death allowed hospital staff to save the drug dosage to be used on a future transgressor who would dare to become pregnant and thus cause a local district to report too many births.

Leftists view little or nothing to be beyond the pale of state control. I find that to be the primary motivator for them to decry the survival of Western Civilization. Leftist thinkers [sic] have noted that they hold that we would have been much better off had the Muslims succeeded in conquering Western Europe and consequently eliminated the individual from the picture entirely. Most Far Eastern societies do not recognize the concept of a free person, neither does the Left or Islam. People in these cultures are expected to dutifully go about their lives as directed by those in power, who of course know what's best for everyone. This sort of reasoning has no place in the West.

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