Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mexican Cartel Recruiting High School Students in the US

Numerous news sites have reported that the Texas Department of Public Safety has stated that Mexican drug cartels have been recruiting High School students in the US to assist them in their commercial endeavors, drug-running in particular. The cartels have already engaged in armed border crossings to facilitate their shipments on more than a few occasions. Now they appear to intend to turn our schools into centralized shipping hubs for their products.

The current presidential administration and the courts have not failed to do all that they can to prevent Law Enforcement officials from having even basic tools to check the immigration status of those that lead an officer to believe that an individual may be in this country illegally. Mexico, however, can check my status according to their laws if I am in their country and they do so routinely with immigrants to their paradise from Central America, complete with deportations and all.

Any more support for the Dream Act?

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