Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Follow-Up to Sex Trafficking Rescue Post

Last November, I did a brief post on an organization that does some of the most noble and dangerous work imaginable:


The above  post has extended excerpts that provide a background of the operations of  the Underground Railroad -  one that locates and rescues children from the horrors of sex slavery.

The Blaze provided a follow-up to their original story. Glenn Beck notes that the program to collect donations for the organization has had tremendous success. He also gave readers a world map (map and a video are in the link) that shows regions in which child-rape videos have been viewed in "real time". North and South America, Western Europe, and Japan head this sickening list.

The regions that have been blessed with an abundance of food, resources, or financial success have the greatest amount of these predators.

I have a hard time thinking of comments on this awful subject. The fact that people pay to commit crimes on children or to watch these crimes be committed is enough to turn one's stomach, but it is a tragic reality and there is a lot of work to do.


"Last November, a friend of Glenn Beck’s revealed that he was leading a double life as a government agent who rescues children from sex slavery. He said that while the government is doing noble work, it is by no means doing as much as it can, and that’s why he started Operation Underground Railroad.

Comprised of former U.S. Military and intelligence officers, the private organization is able to move rapidly and efficiently to save the countless children who are slipping through the cracks. After Beck spoke about Operation Underground Railroad in November, his audience donated over $300,000 in a single day, and over $1 million total.

On Tuesday, Beck was able to reveal the identity of his friend as popular author Tim Ballard. He was also able to show his audience some of what their donations have accomplished so far.

“In the first two months of our operation, we were able to save 35 children,” Ballard said on Beck’s television program Tuesday. “There’s 40 more children on deck that we’ve already seen that we’re about to pull out. These are children that would not have been saved if it were not for your audience.”............

Ballard said most people have no concept of “how real and how huge” of an issue child sex trafficking is. Nearly two million children are trapped as sex slaves, and roughly 90% of them fall out of U.S. jurisdiction.

Ballard said the criminals “never look like bad guys,” and are absolutely everywhere. He even showed Beck a map that can pinpoint where child rape videos are being shared in real time, and it is horrific. For privacy reasons, the map showed only vague geographical areas, but law enforcement has access to the exact addresses. Beck said he’s seen a zoomed-in image of the affluent area where he lives in Texas, and it was terrifying.

Ballard believes the only way the horrific practice will be stopped is if the public rises up and demands an end to it. He believes many have become complacent, as they did during the 1800s, and need to be awoken to the horrors of what’s happening around them..................

“I want you to look into the eyes of evil,” Ballard told him. “I want you to hold slavery in your arms in the form of a child, so you can go back and tell the people what we are doing and what the problem is all about.”

You can read part one of an in-depth account of Mabry’s experience here. Stay tuned to TheBlaze for parts two and three..................."

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