Monday, April 14, 2014

Nevada Standoff - What Next?

-Follow-up to this post:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - and presumably somewhere down the line,  the Obama administration, left the showdown in Nevada with a black eye, but I have every reason to believe that they will be back for more.

The old adage tells us that we must choose our battles carefully, and as I don't have sufficient knowledge of the law as it applies to this case, I can't say with any degree of certainty that this was the right time and place for a fight. Enough, however were in fact convinced that Cliven Bundy's case was cause enough for one, and consequently we were witnesses to a rare event  - bureaucrats, their hired hands, and law enforcement officers tasked with ensuring that the latter two were not harmed, gave ground in the face of the determined resistance.

For the record, I am not in any way supportive of calls for absolute avoidance of physical resistance such as those made by Glenn Beck and other radical peaceniks. Tyrants see this type of inaction as nothing but weakness, and however I may appreciate his aversion to violence, Glenn beck does not take the Christian position in this case. Turning the other cheek applies to persons, not peoples, and the God that he purports to worship is not known for telling his people to work only through approved legal channels when doing so is clearly becoming a losing proposition and will effect nothing but the full enslavement of future generations. God made us free, and we do not have the right to toss away the rights of those who follow us

Requiring that the oppressed work only through and within the system is precisely why the Church still has a black eye from her support of the feudal order in Medieval Europe. 

The after-actions reviews are no doubt being held at the Justice Department (or at least in the highest levels of the BLM) to determine both what exactly went wrong with the seizures of Mr. Bundy's cattle and how they are going to prevent another successful act of protest by Bundy's supporters.

If no compromise is reached between the rancher and the BLM, I think that the latter will back off long enough for a good portion of the protesters/activists to drift away. In the meantime, they will be planning a massive and thoroughly-coordinated operation that will be put in place quickly, neutralize the major participants, and prevent further supporters from arriving to bolster the number of those who were their at the time of the second attempt.

The next move (barring a settlement) will not be publicized, it will entail roadblocks on highways leading to that region of Nevada, and it may well begin during the night with a rapid movement to detain or arrest Mr. Bundy and others determined to be leaders of the protest. They may also seek to detain the embattled rancher when he leaves his property to go into town.

Either way, I hope that no shots are fired and that a fair settlement is reached. In this case, I would prefer that states such as Nevada take nonviolent steps such as those which would result in assuming ownership of the land in question or allowing ranchers to go back to earning their livelihood as their ancestors have for many decades.

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