Saturday, April 5, 2014

MSNBC Co-Host Surprises All - Says Harry Reid is Liar

This will be very brief tonight as I had a lot to do.

Firstly, the entire reason that the left has suddenly launched a campaign to attack the Koch brothers for the financial support that they give to Republicans (and I assume other Conservatives) is to redirect the attention of The People away from the truly massive amounts of money behind Democratic and other Left-Wing candidates and movements. Soros and Company have been pouring tremendous sums into political campaigns and People-brainwashing hoaxes such as Global Warming/Climate Change.

When the left senses that The People are growing suspicious they immediately engage in large-scale acts of Projection that are coordinated to erupt from all sources at their disposal. That's why your Facebook friends are posting memes that tell you about the evils of the Koch brothers - this despite the fact that what the Koch's are giving is roughly a drop in the bucket compared to what the Left is receiving from the bulk of the Western Oligarchs and the Plutocrats. Instead of a centralized message source such as Big Brother or Pravda/Tass they send out their brainwashing propaganda via multiple outlets. That is why you see videos of Robert Reich in which he tells you that people who are at least trying to protect our Republic are "undermining our democracy". They accuse the opposition of precisely what they are doing.

What surprised me is that an MSNBC host of all people spoke truthfully about Harry Reid. The latter is the one who infamously bore false witnessed (lied) about the reports of individuals who had lost their insurance plans, doctors, and treatments as a result of Obamacare. He lied by referring to these actual accounts as lies.

"Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” opened with an unusual segment. It was 12 minutes of an unfiltered discussion of Harry Reid’s almost-daily attacks on the Koch Brothers.

In the course of the segment, Senate Majority Leader was called a “liar,” said to be “lying about” or spreading “lies” about the Koch brothers more than a dozen times — and that was just by host Joe Scarborough. At the 1:28 mark of the clip, Joe began his rant about Reid by declaring, “It’s embarrassing.”
At the 1:40 mark, Scarborough stated it was his opinion that what Reid was doing was “beneath the dignity of the office he’s holding.”

Joe went on to rack up the aforementioned dozen plus uses of the words liar, lies and lying while referring to Senator Reid’s treatment of the Kochs.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, and in-studio panelists Jim Vandehei of Politico, and “Morning Joe” regulars Willie Geist, and Katty Kay were silent for much of the segment, speaking only when called upon to join the uncomfortable conversation........."

Bravo. I will always  give credit where credit is due, and this guy spoke truthfully while sitting in the Lion's Den.

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