Saturday, March 29, 2014

Armenian Christian Town in Syria Sacked - Churches Destroyed

The war monger extraordinaire John McCain would be beaming with satisfaction -

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"Radical Islamist rebels have seized a predominantly Christian town in northwest Syria in recent days and reportedly destroyed crosses on churches, pillaged homes and beheaded at least one opponent in a neighboring area, according to accounts conveyed from Syria on social media.

According to various media accounts, rebels from the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front, Ahrah al Sham, the Islamic Front and Chechen jihadists on Sunday gained control over Kassab, a town of 1,700 residents who are mostly Armenian Christians who now fear for their future there.

The Christian Broadcasting Network reported that 80 people have been killed and at least three churches desecrated as Syrian Christians have all but abandoned the town.

Syrian Armenian community activist Nerses Sarkissian told Armenian Weekly that the rebels are desecrating churches, pillaging houses and destroying government buildings.................."

[There are a number of photos of the destruction in the link at top]

"Another photo purported to show the head of a Syrian army soldier fighting to defend President Bashar Assad’s rule who was allegedly decapitated outside Latakia near Kassab. The link to the photo can be found (WARNING — graphic image) here. " [The photo is a gruesome sight]..........................................

"Armenian Weekly reported that almost all of the Christians have emptied the town and fled to neighboring Latakia. They are now beset with fear about their ability to return to their homes.........."

I don't think that returning home will be an option for these Christians. The Islamists are intent on chasing them out of the region. They also have no desire to allow them move back into their homes and begin using their churches. What the Islamists want is the rule of Islam.

As I noted is previous posts, the "moderates" - even the ones that truly deserve that description, are not strong enough to keep the Islamists at bay. Any region that is lost by the Syrian government is likely to fall into the hands of the radicals in short order. 

The Western world is paralyzed by the Left. The latter has such an appreciation for anything that opposes Christianity and Judaism (as well as the concept of sovereign nations/peoples) that they have set out to control all discussion about the conflict. So Orwellian is the language of the Left that one commentator actually pretended to believe that a death from nerve agent (which in time appeared to be the work of the rebels) was far worse than a young girl (who had firstly been gang-raped for weeks) being beheaded by the rebels. 

".......“I can barely contain myself at this point. … How many more times do we have to say that weapons of mass destruction were used and as bad as it is to decapitate somebody it is in no means equal?,” she rhetorically asked.

Note that Christiane Amanpour employs the timeworn method of proving her point by references to claims that are now held suspect by - if not most, at least many, using the false assumption that quantity equals quality (and credibility).  "How many more times do we have to say..." proves precisely nothing. Like a Christian Fundamentalist who slings Bible verses en masse, despite their actual meaning or context, in the hopes of winning by sheer volume, Amanpour tries to get people to forget that chemical weapons may well have been used by the side that the US is not proposing to attack. She also tries to cloud the picture by conflating the situation in Syria with other conflicts. Neither the horrors of the slaughters in Rwanda, nor shameful indifference that the world displayed towards the plight of people in that nation, can be compared in any way with the Syrian conflict or our current decision-making, but Amanpour hopes that we won't notice her ruse. Note that she cares so little about the Christians and other non-Sunnis in Syria that she wants to whip Americans into a frenzy to call for actions that will result in even more violence for an already terribly suffering minority]...."

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