Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alan Dershowitz Offers Legal Help to State-Seized Girl and Her Family

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I don't like Alan Dershowitz one bit. It would be more accurate, though, to say that I detest him. I find him to be a strong supporter of the Leftist agenda. He also is known for being patently dishonest about his opinions. It was he who infamously pretended to believe that the Supreme Court decision following the disputed Florida electoral votes in the Bush- Gore election was the worst decision since Dred Scott. Again proving that he had no concern for his credibility, he later described the decision that ended the  legal battle for the recount (in which the Gore team moved to suppress military absentee votes for that state) as “the single most corrupt decision in Supreme Court history.”

I will however, give credit where credit is due. I hold that is is even more important to do so when an enemy is doing what is right. I hope that his offer is accepted by the Pelletier family and that he can do something to have this case put back on the right track.

Good for him.

Part of me pictures Dershowitz as a committed Marxist who nevertheless acts as a dissident against a state that abuses its power far more than even Socialism normally allows. I see him as one of the Soviet intellectuals who would get sent to prison or subjected to psychiatric treatment at the hands of the state yet never gives up his childlike attachment to Leftist thought.

"Prominent attorney Alan Dershowitz is offering to help the parents of 15-year-old Justina Pelletierreclaim custody of their daughter.
“I’d like to help out…” the Harvard Law professor and media figure said during an appearance on “Huckabee” Saturday night, noting he’s a member of the Massachusetts bar and could offer his legal expertise.

“When you hear about a case like this you scratch your head and you say ‘something else must be going on,’” he noted........................."

[See above links for the background of the case]

"Dershowitz cautioned that he’s not certain where Justina would get the best care or who is “right,” but added that “under our legal system when there’s a conflict between medical opinion, the parents get to resolve that for a 15-year-old, not the state.”

“The gag order is clearly unconstitutional,” he also insisted. “You can’t stop parents form bringing a petition about their grievances” to anyone.

Dershowitz added that if what the parents are saying is true, then the Pelletier case is a “horrible abuse of human rights, of civil liberties.”

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