Sunday, March 2, 2014

Black South African - Israel NOT an Apartheid State

The Left knows what is necessary to turn Westerners against any of their targets.

-One effective method is to portray a nation as a racist or apartheid state.

I once read a good article on the tremendous efforts expended by Romanian propaganda experts to convince Yasser Arafat* that he needed to abandon his stance that demanded the destruction of Israel and switch his strategy to one of being a spokesman of an oppressed people. Only by this means have ignorant Westerners been slowly but surely turned towards becoming advocates of  programs such as Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), that have and their stated goal the economic isolation of Israel for the purpose of forcing the Israelis to give in to virtually everything that is demanded of them by the Palestinians.

Ireland, unfortunately has become a veritable home base for support of BDS. My Nationalist grandfather, who had to flee to the US in the 1020's to avoid arrest for fighting the British (decades before the IRA turned in to terrorist and Marxist organisation) may well be rolling over in his grave.

The linked video was made by a black South African who actually lived under the rule of apartheid. Although he avoids any mention of Nelson Mandela's ties to Marxism, he make his point clear - that no policy practiced by Israel amounts to anything remotely resembling that of an apartheid state.  

The video is barely over five minutes long.

* A similar article is here:


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