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Revised-CBS Reporter Debacle - Media is in Bed With Obama Administration

Revision 3/24/14 - That fact that comes from a very Left-slanted newspaper is enough to make it quite a surpise:

"President Barack Obama’s administration is the “greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in a generation,” a New York Times reporter said over the weekend, according to a journalism news outlet.

Reporter James Risen — currently fighting the government in an effort to protect a confidential source — reportedly added that the administration wants to “narrow the field of national security reporting” to “create a path for accepting reporting.”

Those who do not comply “will be punished,” he reportedly said.........."


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I have noted in previous post that the mainstream media is so fully allied with the Left that even the NSA spying scandal, in which even the most cooperative lapdogs of journalism were targeted,  would not change their loyalty to The Cause. After the perfunctory and at most obligatory cries of "foul", the issue was promptly left to rot. The Leftist agenda requires that many, including its most enthusiastic supporters, must endure abuses so that we can hasten the implementation of the Western variant of Socialism.  

I am reminded of the most committed of Socialists who suffered oppression, including prison, in the former USSR. They were treated in the most terrible of ways, but very few abandoned their childlike attachment to Marxism.

The case of CBS news reporter Catherine Anaya is a classic example of how Western Socialism functions. She reported something that we have no reason to believe was anything but the truth, but the forces of Evil immediately combined against her. One would have loved to be able to listen to the ultimatum that she was given. There is little doubt  that she was told that she would never work for a news network again unless she retracted her account.

What makes this even more obvious is the manner in which she made the retraction. It has all the marks of a written statement that a hostage is forced to read while sitting in front of a video camera. The truth is hard to hide when a contradictory statement is made once, but it becomes impossible to cover-up when it is mentioned several times in as many different ways. The full text of the retraction is just below the excerpt from the Canada Free Press.

"It was a sad day Thursday as the slow death march of American journalism continued. Not only was a seasoned TV reporter forced to walk back a legitimate news story but the story was coverage of local journalists visiting the White House for the day and what the White House Press Secretary said.

Catherine Anaya is still very youthful but she is a veteran local news reporter of 22 years having worked in Phoenix the whole time except for a four year stint in Los Angeles. She has won three local news Emmy’s and is the lead female anchor at Channel 5, the CBS Phoenix affiliate.

...................the controversy surrounded Anaya’s on air report from Washington which aired on the Channel Five evening news. In it she stated that her day started with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney who explained how his job works. During this explanation she reported with great confidence and clarity:

“One of the things I found most interesting was that the reporters and correspondents, unless it’s breaking news, they provide the questions to him in advance so he is already preparing for the answer and sometimes, in some cases I should say, he actually prepares that answer for them so that they can have that to work on their reports later on”

This revelation, that reporters already have the answers to questions they ask, caused a major uproar in political reporting circles. The Rush Limbaugh show ran with the audio of the clip after which the host predicted that the political journalism elite would not and could not allow the story to stand. He accurately predicted that Anaya would be forced into retracting the story in some way and was proved correct within hours..............

"Last night during my live reports from the White House I attempted to describe the highlights of the day. I was speaking off the cuff and unscripted and in the process I made two major mistakes: I reported an off the record conversation and what I reported was not accurate. I took a conversation about the preparation for a press briefing and muddied it with my own experience of wanting to provide a question for the press briefing. I incorrectly applied the process to everyone. That was wrong and it was bad reporting. But it was not intentional and I would never purposely report inaccurate information. The White House never asked for my questions in advance and never instructed me what to ask. I chose to provide one of my questions in advance of the press briefing because I wanted to make sure it would have broad appeal. I did not attribute or report factually last night and for that I deeply apologize. I pride myself on truth and objectivity. I sincerely regret any harm I've caused and I hope that you will continue to place your trust in the hardworking journalists who make up CBS 5 News."

The last paragraph in the Canada Free Press article contained a line that bemoaned the death of free journalism in the US. I disagree strongly with that statement. This was no mere death but a slow and orchestrated suicide for the purpose of bringing about the enslavement of all of us. 

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