Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UK Man Arrested for Failing to Smile at Olympic Event

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

This is not a joke.

The climate of political correctness prohibits police from properly investigating possible terror suspects, so the answer to this in the UK is to find reasons to arrest anyone who does not appear to be positively jubilant when in a public setting.


Bolding is added.

"A man with Parkinson's disease who was arrested during the Olympic men's cycling road race while sitting beside the route has said he wants a "letter of exoneration" from Surrey police, claiming their treatment of him was disproportionate.

Mark Worsfold, 54, a former soldier and martial arts instructor, was arrested on 28 July for a breach of the peace shortly before the cyclists arrived in Redhouse Park, Leatherhead, where he had sat down on a wall to watch the race. Officers from Surrey police restrained and handcuffed him and took him to Reigate police station, saying his behaviour had "caused concern".

"The man was positioned close to a small group of protesters and based on his manner, his state of dress and his proximity to the course, officers made an arrest to prevent a possible breach of the peace," Surrey police said in a statement."

Worsfold, whose experience was first reported by Private Eye, claims police questioned him about his demeanour and why he had not been seen to be visibly enjoying the event. Worsfold, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2010, suffers from muscle rigidity that affects his face. He was released after two hours without charge or caution.

So, if I had plans to attend a public event, and shortly before I left my house I became aware that something  had occurred that troubles me, I should refrain from following through with my plans for the day because my bad mood may show on my face. With the fortune that I have been experiencing lately, I would never be able to leave my house.

" 'It could have been done better. I was arrested for not smiling. I have Parkinson's," he said, adding that he realised the officers were working long hours and trying to control the event properly, but they had not, in his case, acted correctly. He said he did not want to make further comment until he received a response from Surrey police.

Surrey police said: "There were a number of factors which led officers to make this arrest, including the fact that the race was rapidly approaching, the heightened level of security due to the high-profile nature of the event and the sheer number of spectators in attendance. These were fully explained to the individual concerned. He was given words of advice and released with no further action."

Chief Superintendent Gavin Stephens said: "Officers were policing huge numbers of people during the Olympic events and in the interests of public safety they acted quickly and decisively based on the information available to them.' "

This is the world as the Left would have it. We are told that the police cannot take any action that could in any way be construed as profiling, so blanket-type instructions are made to grab anyone who doesn't look like he just won the lottery. The UK has an enormous  problem with Islamic-inspired violence, but no measures may be taken to keep a watchful eye on any person or group that meets that criteria. One would think that British citizens/residents of Pakistani (Or other mainly Islamic nations) would he honorable enough to direct their frustration of being watched more diligently than others at those of their own religion who cause these problems in the first place.

If the cops were looking for IRA guys, I submit that failing to have a gleeful expression does not indicate that a person who is otherwise minding his own business is a potential terrorist either. A cop is never wrong in keeping his eye on anyone he pleases, but detaining someone who has not done anything wrong is stepping over the line.

I would not have a problem even if two cops walked up to the guy and asked him a few questions. "Hello Sir, how are you feeling? It appeared to us that you may not be feeling well'.

How far away are we is the US from this "I'm not talking about you, I'm just talking in general" mentality? When a criminal uses a firearm to murder someone, the calls go out from the Statists to enact measures to prohibit privately owned firearms. We are also seeing more examples of people who, for simply exercising their right to free speech, are questioned as to their intentions.

This move has the Orwellian label written all over it. Imagine, with all that is going on in the world and our private lives, we know have to worry about being so bold as to stand out from the crowd. Totalitarians want cookie-cutter people, with no one looking or acting independently in any way. When Average Joes get hauled downtown for questioning for being slightly different from those around them, things have gotten quite ugly.

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