Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lolo Jones Attacked For Who She Is - and What We Were

In our era, one in which far too many of us seem to be mired in a state of moral decay, there will inevitably be people who cannot stand themselves.

In our culture of blaming others for our own problems, we seek to demean others who stand for something bigger than we are.

Under the dark shadow of soft Totalitarianism, anyone who does not conform with the party line and strives to be virtuous is condemned, mocked, and accused of having ulterior motives.

These create a deadly combination when you are a star athlete that has decided to refrain from sexual activity until marriage.

Instead of reflecting on their lives and noting that they may well have been better off had they lived like Lolo Jones, people resort to mocking her. When your own life is a hot mess, it's far easier to deride the commitment of others than to admit to oneself that what she does in inherently good. The Leftist Media, being desirous of wrecking the entire place and, knowing fully well that moral virtue and the traditional family is an obstacle that must be removed, needs to paint an ugly picture of anyone who exemplifies virtue.

She is the model of what we once were as a people and what we should strive to restore among ourselves.

First, Lolo Jones was treated in the most awful manner my the New York Slimes. While Olympic athletes are encouraged to tell their life stories and make statements about things they value, this is verboten if one of the things that you address has to do with your moral character. When you are clearly intelligent, and not easily swayed by our culture that almost mandates immoral behavior, you are done for.

"…Jones has received far greater publicity than any other American track and field athlete competing in the London Games. This was based not on achievement but on her exotic beauty and on a sad and cynical marketing campaign. Essentially, Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be — vixen, virgin, victim — to draw attention to herself and the many products she endorses.

Women have struggled for decades to be appreciated as athletes. For the first time at these Games, every competing nation has sent a female participant. But Jones is not assured enough with her hurdling or her compelling story of perseverance. So she has played into the persistent, demeaning notion that women are worthy as athletes only if they have sex appeal. And, too often, the news media have played right along with her."

The Slimes affects to hold that Jones is the first breathtakingly beautiful female athlete that does not hide her looks. They also pretend that taking a perfectly fair advantage of her notoriety is "sad and cynical". Note that it is fine for other athletes to do so, as long as they don't make a point about real values. Endorsing products is such an innocent practice, but the Slimes portrays the poor woman as greedy and uninterested in actual accomplishment. The Slimes then makes her out to be an individual who has sent women athletes back to the days in which their accomplishments were not appreciated. Of course they have no reason to believe such a thing - they just declare it to be so.

Of course this is not enough for the sex-crazed, the vacuous-eyed young Socialists, people who never attempted to excel in sports, school, or business, or any other person in our nationwide coalition of losers. Her fourth-place finish, which must have been crushing to her, was cause for the mob to start in on her:

"After Jones came in fourth place during the finals of the 100-meter hurdles on Tuesday, many Twitter users started talking about her sex life. Using the loss as an opportunity to lambaste the athlete, they seemed to allege that, had she been sexually active, perhaps she would have performed better at the Olympics."

Numerous Twitter quotes that are sickeningly vulgar can be read on the The Blaze link above. I will not quote them directly. They are too hurtful, mean, and beneath the dignity of Jones and those of us that admire her.

All who strive to perform as teenage or adult athletes outside of their States or Provinces risk years of their life chasing a dream. That dream is an honorable one, but striving to realize it entails putting off earning salaries ands sometimes education, spending and raising money for training and living expenses, and chancing career-ending injuries - not to mention the emotional pain of being beaten after years of work. The athletes feel that it is their fault for letting down trainers, their fans/nation, family, and themselves.

My call is that fourth place is something of which she should be proud. I am impressed. The Olympics is a very big pond, and in  that pond are a lot of big fish.

I hope that she continues to be able to compete in international competitions.

In closing I hope that, for his sake, any guy that Lolo marries treats her very well. Although she does not appear to need help, I will add this - If as many men as I think admire her as much as I do, there will be a whole bunch of guys showing up to give him sound thrashing if he does not. 

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