Monday, August 6, 2012

Remove Michelle Bachmann and All Will Be Well

As noted in yesterdays post, the fallback play for the Left is to blame socioeconomic conditions and a lack of understanding of immigrant culture when a Muslim goes on a rampage.

In the US, our Left has a more simple target on which blame may be placed-

It's all Michelle Bachmann's fault.

While the media reports that the murderer was an Army Veteran who was discharged under General* as opposed to Honorable conditions, and that he was involved with White Supremacist groups, including music/songwriting about the same for many years, Bachmann still gets the blame.

With this logic, Fredrick Douglass would have been blamed for John Brown's raid. Brown too had a long history of violence. In this case, although they actually knew each other (Unlike Bachmann and Page), Douglass noted that he did not approve of Brown's plans.

*In the US military, a General Discharge is not that unusual. Honorable Discharges are not that hard to obtain even for military members whose service was less than exemplary. Those who do receive Honorable Discharges but did not have records of which to be proud will often be given Reenlistment codes that indicate the member is not a prime candidate for another period of enlistment. Reasons for a reenlistment code of less that RE-1A may be weight issues, other documented counseling sessions in which behavior needed correction, or a Article 15 (Non-Judicial) punishment(s) that occurred at Company or Battalion level. Bad Conduct and Dishonorable Discharges are ordered as a result of Court Martial proceedings, which are actual trials. (Note that I left out the Summary Court Martial, which is a trial for offenses that cannot be handled at Unit level but do not necessarily demand a Special or General Court Martial.)

Anyway, Page's history of being unwilling to behave properly goes back long before Michelle Bachmann showed up on stage.
"Page was described by authorities today as an Army veteran who left the service with a general discharge following a "pattern of misconduct," including being AWOL [Unauthorized Absence]  and drunk while on duty. The terms of his discharge would not allow him to reenlist."

Let's go to to list of accusations leveled at Representative Bachmann:

So, to sum this up - Michelle Bachmann and others bravely and correctly raised concerns about possible influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (Itself a subject for a very long post) at high levels of our national government, and that means they are Islamophobes. Aside from that fact that Islamophobia is a fictional term, the accusers are so ignorant as to be unaware that Sikhs are not Muslims.

Of course it is possible that Page too did not know the difference, but that makes the him as ignorant (Albeit much more violent) as they are.

One of the most employed tools of the soft Totalitarianism of the Left is Political Correct speech. With this tool, one can be, with the verbal version of the stroke of a pen, be labeled a racist, Islamophobe, Homophobe, fascist, or any combination of the above.

The idea is to intimidate people into silence. When a crime occurs, the Leftists run around with their hands in the air pretending to be under the impression that anyone who recently spoke up had something to do with the violence.

Michelle Bachmann is too strong and too aware that she is correct to be silenced. We need to follow her example.

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  1. I was unaware of, but not surprised at, these comments. Most of these idiots just mechanically repeat the talking points and convince each other of their "truth". Unfortunately, many useful idiots will be convinced since there will be so many repeated comments.

    We must do what we can to refute these illogical talking points. I wish that the MSM would bring out some of the facts you have presented.

    Keep up the good work.