Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kirk Cameron Met With Gay Protesters When Speaking About Marriage

The good news is that Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day was an immeasurable success. There were numerous reports of lines in which people waited for an hour and a half to purchase their products. Being gluten-intolerant , I could not indulge, but I seriously entertained cheating and putting up with feeling lousy for a couple of days.

The Left of course howled at this show of support:

Tweets from tolerant Liberals included wishes that people would choke to death on the food and die of heart disease and/or diabetes.

All of this because the President of the company made a comment when being interviewed for a Baptist periodical. The Left doesn't want you to to "do unto others", they want you to be intimidated into silence.

OK, now for the bad news.

Like the President of Chick-Fil-A, actor Kirk Cameron spoke about his support of marriage (The real one - not the pretend type).  Protesters came out to accuse Cameron of hate and of suffering from the fictitious condition of Homophobia. They also told him that speaking truthfully about marriage was hurtful to them.

The soft Totalitarianism of the modern Left strikes again. Keep your mouth shut and don't you dare utter a peep against anything that is a part of our agenda.

"According to The Christian Post, Cameron was speaking at the Great Auditorium when about 100 protesters showed up to march silently in front of the venue. The participants, part of a self-described civil rights group called Ocean Grove United, held signs that read, “Kirk! Your Words Hurt Us!” Another sign read,” Hey Kirk, Will God Judge Me For Loving Or Judge You For Hating?”

Here’s how the group described the event on its web site:

Thank you to all the people who made the Ocean Grove United weekend events so successful. On Friday evening we came together as a unified community outside the doors of the Great Auditorium to protest the homophobic and hurtful words of Kirk Cameron who was presenting a program inside. LGBT and straight, old and young, various religions, and an array of racial and ethnic backgrounds – what we share is a love of Ocean Grove and the diversity and acceptance that makes it such a special place."

Expect more of this and other related scenarios as people grow weary of being afraid to speak their peace in a nation that guarantees the right of free speech and supposedly assumes that individuals will be allowed to do so without being tarred and feathered. I think that many are fed up with having to keep their own opinions to themselves when others flaunt theirs.

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