Friday, July 4, 2014

Cultural Marxism Creates U.S.-Hating Youth

From the Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism came to the US as Western European Marxists fled the Nazis. After gaining a foothold in Columbia University, the disease spread steadily as 'The long march through the institutions" continued.

Today, parents who themselves have not already fallen victim to the disease either have no idea of what is being taught even to their primary school children or take the easy way way and turn a blind eye to the contagion. Young people fortunate enough to find a college in which steps have been taken to weed out the infected in the ranks of academicians are a tiny minority.

Today, in the nation (of appreciable size) with the most lopsided good-to-bad ratio ever to have existed, the youth are largely ruined and revel in their ignorance:

Here are some Twitter comments:

"I love people who are all "I hate America

america is the worst country in the world, i just pretend i like it on the fourth of july

The idea of America so fucked up. Fuck the holidays

America is a horrible country. Check the stats
[That is like saying check the stats, the Yankees have never won a World Series]  Not celebrating the 4th of July. Favorite if you agree. #FuckAmerica

fuck america. idgaf about 4th of july.

america is the worst country on the planet today sucks

Fuck America !

America is an evil country !!!!!!!!!!

fuck America

i don't celebrate 4th of july, because fuck america"

unhappy fourth of july i hate america

Not one of them will ever leave though. They will remain to enjoy the best that this nation has to offer while doing their all to ensure that they are last last generation had any reason to like it.

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