Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NYC Mayor de Blasio - Obama Has Every Right to Go Around Congress on Illegal Immigration

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The quoted text is from the New York daily News Blog and is dated July 1, 2014.

The language used by NYC Marxist Mayor Bill de BlaSIo is standard tactics for Western Leftists - take the position that you want (which is everything on any one issue - no compromise) , accuse any opponents of being the enemy, wanting people to suffer,  doing nothing, or failing to reach "common ground", and then assert that Leftists have - not only "the right", but the obligation, to "fix" things, which means to do what they want.

The People have been lead to believe that no actual rights nor laws have any meaning whatsoever and that we are beholden to statists who (in this case) will do their all to import as many new voters for the Marxist-driven Democratic Party of the US. We are fast approaching  an era in which those who live, feel, and think as Americans will have zero political power at the ballot box in national elections.

"Mayor de Blasio voiced strong support for President Obama’s go-it-alone effort on immigration reform Tuesday, calling current policy “absolutely ridiculous” and saying the president has “every right” to go around Congress...........

“The president doesn't have a lot of choice here. I think he's tried for years to find common ground with the Republican House members and to address something that obviously has to be responded to in this country,” de Blasio said.

The mayor, who plans to issue municipal ID cards to undocumented immigrants in the city, expressed outrage at the country’s current policies.

[-More leftist drivel - anything that makes sense (in this case, protecting out sovereignty and national identity) is ridiculous. Any consequences of wrongful acts are either not fair and unjust. Anything that threatens their agenda is not sustainable or (their preferred term, unsustainable) ]

“It's absolutely ridiculous, and it's not sustainable, and it's not fair. And the human costs are very real. A lot of injustice occurs to these people. They're our fellow human beings, and it's unfair,” he said.

He said the president’s end-run around Congress was appropriate as a last resort.

“If Congres is uninterested in acting on crucial national issues and on issues that have fundamental impact on our future, then the president has every right to act in every way he can,” he said.

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