Friday, February 21, 2014

Venezuela Violence - Media Blackout

Cursed be the soldier who aims his weapons against his people. - Simon Bolivar

The efforts of the late Hugo Chavez' to enslave Venezuelans, and twist the words and outlook of the Liberator of much of South America to suit his own pride and lust for power, have come to a gruesome fruition under his even more incompetent (if that is possible) successor.

Aside from Breitbart,  the Latin American division of CNN, and a belated article in The Blaze, the horrors that are being perpetrated on protesting Venezuelans have been - not largely, but virtually totally ignored by the media. Almost every video or account that I have seen or read has been through the medium of social media and the blogosphere. Fox News, regularly denigrated by the Left as a right-wing organisation, has barely made any mention of the violence; their coverage of Venezuela seems to have been restricted to the arrest of one of the opposition leaders.

Taking the Sochi Winter Olympics out of consideration, the only event that the media has treated with any real effort is the ongoing violence in Ukraine. What is being ignored there is the fact that pro-EU Ukrainians have expended tremendous efforts to cut off their noses to spite their faces. No one is saying that Putin is a great guy, but the European Union will do far more damage to the sovereignty of their nation than any Russian leader ever could imagine. I suspected from the beginning that the protests were being bankrolled by Socialist oligarchs such as George Soros. One piece from yesterday treated that very subject:

The globalists want Russia isolated and to continue with building their Socialist superstate in Europe. Ukrainians may not realize it now, but of in fact they do wind up joining the EU, they will soon go the way of Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The real shock will be when the EU open border policy allows tens to hundreds of thousands of Somalis, Moroccans, Turks, etc. to take the train from Western European nations to the former USSR satellite. There they will promptly take up residence, demand tons of welfare payments, and commence to wildly increasing the violent crime rate at the expense of the then-hapless citizens of the new EU satrapy.

Going back to Venezuela, the Left is in a panic. Awash in petrodollars, that nation should be the one example in which Socialism could in theory be made to function. But dysfunctional ideology and central planning will inevitably do as does water - find it's own level. The Left has no idea of how to report that yet another state that tried their preferred way of doing things has failed again.

When the Venezuelan Socialists needed money, they would nationalize a company. That shot in the economic arm would wear off and the next step would be more confiscations. Farmland, illegally seized by the government, was given to people who had no idea how to utilize it. As it was not theirs in the sense of being private property and thus requiring  both hard work (sweat) and anxiety (tears) common to anyone who owns land and needs to make it productive or lose the farm, these fertile lands ceased to produce food. Farms fail when the "owners" are nothing more than people who work for pay - they treat it as any other job. The nation went from a producer of food surpluses to an importer of the same. Price controls - the last gasp of a desperate regime, were put in place, and more small business owners had to turn to the black market to sell their hidden goods or  lose their livelihood from being unable to cover even the cost of doing business.

The media was taken over. Broadcasting licenses were denied to stations that did not serve the regime, and the freedom of the press was guaranteed for reporting the "truth"  - which meant that reports were restricted to what the Chavistas stated was the truth.

The People were subjected to attacks by Leftist street thugs who often operated on motorcycles. The command staff of the army was restricted to those who adhered to Socialist dogma (note that the command staff of the US military is catching up on that note).

The Cubans, needing oil and cash since their old USSR benefactor is long gone, have a lot to lose if their partners in Venezuela fail. They have had operators and advisory staff  at all levels in that nation, and recently they sent troops to try to save their cash cow.

Even in towns and regions fortunate enough to have elected local governments from the opposition, Chavez had a way to undermine the elected officials. He would install loyal apparatchiks in offices in these areas and set them up with money to bribe the citizens who went to them rather than the municipal offices. By this means he was able to get around the actual local governments by acting as if they did not exist.

The People decided that they had had enough.

When the lid blew off, the Left resorted to it's standard default position - violence, and lots of it. What we are seeing is the logical outcome of  the ideology of Rousseau and Marx. 

Friedrich Hayek, in The Road to Serfdom, told us during WWII that this is what would happen at some point:

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