Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leading British Clergyman - Immigration Concerns Result From Fear

I am a lifelong staunch Catholic, but reports like the one treated in this article give me cause to consider recommending that the Crown and Parliament bring back the old anti-Catholic penal laws.

The hordes of Leftist-imported immigrants, many of whom hail from Muslim majority countries, in the UK have created a climate in which sickening acts of violence, including systematic gang-rape of indigenous British girls*, are commonplace. Welfare fraud among the same groups is so rampant and severe as to defy any attempts at description. They have demanded and been granted permission for Sharia courts, and have created Sharia zones in which non-Muslims should not even enter while walking in their own nation. Many of them call for a full sharia state to be created in the UK.

Recent complaints about immigrants have admittedly regarded those from Eastern Europe, but I think that British citizens are too fearful of criminal charges for hate crimes to speak about the real problem, which leaves the Poles, Bulgarians, etc. being the target by proxy.

I have reported on the shameless and willful mis-characterizations of concerned Europeans by Pope Francis** and the Archbishop of Canterbury.** Now, The leading Catholic in the UK (who not surprisingly given Pope Francis' campaign against  the Western Church is to be made a cardinal), is using the same methods to Bear False Witness. Not one thing that he said is even remotely true; it is wrong not to note that immigrants are killing the taxpayer, and no one is using fear as a weapon - complaints about real problems have nothing to do with fear.


"Britain's top Roman Catholic cleric has criticized U.K. politicians for fear-mongering on immigration issues, saying it is wrong to argue that newcomers are a drain on the economy.......

The Most Rev. Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster, said Britons should acknowledge immigrants' positive contribution "to our well-being and economy. "

The archbishop, who is to be made a cardinal by Pope Francis in Rome this weekend, said Tuesday that "leaders ought to appeal to something more normal and more substantial than fear."

*For links to posts on the ongoing wave of rapes and gang-rapes of native British girls, type the words "rape" or "gang rape" in the search bar at the top right on this page. You will get a lot of results.

**http://thehotgates480bc.blogspot.com/2014/02/mike-huckabee-and-pope-francis-two.html (The bottom of this post has a piece on Pope Francis and about eight links to posts on him)

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