Thursday, January 23, 2014

Virginia AG Will Not Defend Marriage Amendment

Yet, again, the Beast rears his ugly head.

As with California's Proposition 8 case, the new Attorney General for the Commonwealth (They need to get a new label for the state) of Virginia has affirmed that he will not defend the law of the land in his state.

While the California decision was bad enough, the Virginia case does not treat a state law/statute but an amendment to its state constitution. As with the case in Oklahoma (briefly noted at the end of the post link at bottom), state constitutions are being treated as if they have no purpose.

In positively Orwellian language, Attorney General Mark Herring described  the amendment the protects marriage against government intrusion and redefinition as unconstitutional. There are but few things that more clearly prove that the term "unconstitutional" is being hijacked and assigned a meaning opposite to the term than this. The very act of a government proclaiming  - via legislation, court, or executive order, that it has the authority to invent new rights and redefine institutions that predate governments by possibly thousands and of years is one of the most patently unconstitutional acts that can be performed when the question pertains to a government for which a constitution in the Law of the Land.

Our Constitution enumerates the powers allowed to the national government, with all remaining powers still being in the hands of  the states. Therefore, if a single state cannot by its very nature be the creator of new rights or redefine institutions that existed long before anything such as a government even existed, then our national government has an even weaker claim to do so than an individual state.

The long night of Cultural Marxism is upon us, and with it is a Newspeak that makes that which was depicted in 1984 look clear and harmless. Marriage is being purposely and falsely labeled solely as a manifestation of romantic love. The Left does need to destroy society in order to recast it according to their plans, so they bring radicals under their umbrella - in this case to undermine the basic building block of the society that must be razed. Blatantly unconstitutional acts are now being labeled as constitutional, and vice-versa.   Elected officials and their appointees - who have the solemn obligation to defend the law of the land and the will of the people, are choosing to do neither and to placate "useless idiot" radicals who pretend to believe that their "marriages" are in fact not legislative or judicial play-acting.

From the early 90's refrain of "consenting adults", to the onslaught of civil unions, to the new "war on marriage", we have seen - in the brief span of 20 years, the transformation of marriage into a meaningless legal and societal concept.  

When the rights of the People are not defended by those who have the official commission to do so,  we no longer have the Rule of Law. To quote Colin McEvedy, who in his  in his Penguin  Publisher's Atlas of Ancient History described the situation of the late Roman Empire as it was again re-organized to meet the threat of the barbarians, 'This was to be the first scene of the last act".

"RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Following a seismic political shift in Virginia’s top elected offices, the new attorney general has concluded that the state’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional and he will no longer defend it in federal lawsuits, his office said Thursday........
“After a thorough legal review of the matter, Attorney General Herring has concluded that Virginia’s current ban is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and he will not defend it,” spokesman Michael Kelly wrote.
Herring, a Democrat who campaigned in part on marriage equality, was to file a brief Thursday with the federal court in Norfolk, where one of the lawsuits is being heard, as notification of the state’s change in position in the case, Kelly said............
The Republican speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates said Herring was setting a “dangerous precedent.”
“The attorney general has a constitutional and statutory obligation to enforce and defend the duly adopted laws and Constitution of Virginia,” William J. Howell said in a statement. “This is not an obligation that can be taken lightly.”..................
It is not the first time an attorney general has decided to stop defending their state’s gay marriage ban. In Pennsylvania, Attorney General Kathleen Kane said last year that she would stop defending that state’s gay marriage ban, also calling it unconstitutional. An outside law firm was hired to represent the state in a lawsuit over the ban.........."

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