Monday, January 27, 2014

Canadian Bloggers Order to Shut Down

I have read a few articles about Richard Warman, who is the instigator in this - and apparently all related, cases involving lawsuits filed under the Canadian law that prohibits (see below*) anything that can be construed as hate speech, but I did not expect this outcome for a few more years.

One of our Canadian readers just sent us this message:
Some fairly important news out of Canada last week. Richard Warman closed down the Free Dominion website through litigation via the Human Rights Commission. There is the threat of jail now for the two very nice people who ran it.
Here is Mark Steyn article from 2012 about the execrable Richard Warman.
This is what Free Dominion said:
As of today, January 23, 2014, and after 13 years online, Free Dominion is closing its doors to the public. We have been successfully censored.
Today, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith issued an order in the Richard Warman vs Mark and Connie Fournier and John Does defamation case heard September, 2013. In addition to ordering that we must pay Warman $127,000, Justice Smith issued an injunction against us ordering we that never publish, or allow to be published, anything negative about Richard Warman. This means we are barred for life from ever operating a public forum or a blog (even about cookie recipes) where the public can comment. If we do so, any one of Warman’s handful of supporters could, and probably would, use a common proxy server to avoid being traced, plant a negative comment about Warman on our site, and we would both be charged with contempt of court. If that happened — unlike in the Ottawa courtroom where we blocked at every turn from presenting a defense — we actually would have no defense. We would both go to jail. This life sentence was imposed for our terrible crimes of voicing our honestly held beliefs and allowing others to do the same. Defamation law, in its current state, is entirely inadequate and counterproductive when applied to the internet. Now it is being used as a tool of censorship. Effectively!
We are assessing our options.
In faith,
Mark and Connie Fournier
Everyone outside Canada should post about this. Warman can’t screw you over outside Canada because he only does so when he makes money at it. He is a professional litigant. He does the HRC shakedown, and splits it 50-50 with the HRC.

This is their last post:

Apparently, the victims of the totalitarian process, which does not appear to provide for anything resembling an actual trial but still dishes out punishments, were sued because they linked a post of theirs to the following piece by Mark Steyn. Judging from alleged past patterns of Warman, it is believed that a minion of his posted a derogatory comment about Warman on Steyn's article so that the professional litigant could have cause to sue. I am not sure why Steyn himself was not sued but my guess is that Warman finds less-powerful targets easier to attack.

*This is the Wikipedia entry for the law to which Mark Steyn referred, a key portion of which was repealed in 2012. I didn't have time to get a grasp of what sections of the law are still in effect or if the respective case occurred before the repeal.


Again, I am not familiar in anyway with Canadian Law, but what I see is something very close to the oppressive legal restrictions on Free Speech is Western Europe - the same that Hillary Clinton wants for us.

In consideration of the fact that much of Whig and general Parliamentary thought were the inspiration for many American patriots, a growing number of historians have, for good reasons, noted that the American War of Independence should be seen as an extension of the English Civil War.

Where Free Speech is concerned, the US may find herself being the battleground of the next English Civil War.

"Wilkes, liberty, and number 45"

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