Thursday, January 9, 2014

School Discipline Quotas for Minorities

As whites are projected to no longer be the majority in the US by 2043 or earlier, this should be easily nipped in the bud, but my prediction is that school administrators and local boards of education will be obedient to the new and very totalitarian rules.

We should also note hat the Left insists that race is nothing but a social construct - except when  they can use it for their advantage. .

"How discipline is doled out in the classroom now will be under much closer scrutiny by the federal government, but some analysts say the Obama administration’s efforts ultimately may backfire and could lead to de facto racial quotas in American schools.

The Education Department and the Justice Department on Wednesday issued new “guidance” to ensure minority students aren’t punished through suspension, expulsion or other means more than their white peers. The administration cited legal authority under Titles IV and VI in offering detailed rules for how school districts can administer discipline.

It’s part of a larger effort — backed by teachers unions, civil rights advocacy groups and other organizations — to combat the “school-to-prison pipeline,” in which minority students are disproportionately kicked out of school and subsequently end up in the criminal justice system.......

In plain terms, it means district rules, guidelines and enforcement cannot result in the punishment of more black students than white students for the same offense, for example.

With that in mind, school leaders surely will keep a close eye on whether the same number of children from given racial groups are disciplined in equal number and equal measure for the same behavior.

“You have to make certain that your school discipline cases match those percentages. If you don’t, you’ll have the feds on your doorstep,” said Joshua Dunn, a political science professor at the University of Colorado and director of the university’s Center for Legal Studies. “If they actually do enforce these guidelines, there will be unintended consequences. This creates some rather destructive incentives. I don’t think there’s any way around that.”

Chief among those negative incentives, Mr. Dunn said, will be that teachers, principals and other school personnel may hesitate to punish a minority student for a particular offense out of fear that they will appear prejudiced or that their actions will result in disproportionate effects on one racial group.

Taken to the extreme, such a scenario could lead to even bigger problems, some specialists say.

Eventually, you’ll have disorder in schools. … They either suspend white students for relatively trivial things or they don’t punish black students for behavior that is really disruptive or even violent,” said Hans Bader, a senior attorney at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “You’re effectively commanding them to have racial quotas” with respect to which students are disciplined and how often.........."

When a youth - or group of youths realize that they can only be punished so much before their authority figures have to back off and start being nice to them (or punishing those of other groups), the former will always take full advantage of their new-found freedoms.

Anyone who has witnessed a household in which either the father or mother makes disciplining the children an impossible task for the other is aware that the children - and the household in general,  may well be doomed by this free pass.

What we are witnessing here is nothing more than the employment of one or more subsets of the American population to effect as much disorder and violence as possible while ensuring that other groups that tend to commit far less infractions get disproportionately  punished. One should be reminded of the pre-civil war Spanish anarchists that were let loose by the Leftist "Republicans" to engage in a wave of unimaginable violence that was intended to justify absolute rule by the Left. 

"Blame Whitey" is very much alive and well in the US, and particularly so for Obama and Eric Holder. Now they will utilize the false flag claims of blacks being "singled out" for discipline in schools to ensure that they will be able to run roughshod over their fellow students, faculty, and school administrators.

"Now let's not forget that we can only discipline no more than four blacks per month, so we must exercise extreme caution in our choices of events that will result in suspensions. We will also have to to ensure that sufficient whites are disciplined to keep out statistics safe from scrutiny". 

The very act of affecting to stop blacks from supposedly being left with no choice but criminal activity as a consequence of being wrongfully suspended or expelled from school will have one chief end result; black (and presumably Hispanic) students, emboldened by new rules that make them untouchable, will commit offenses  in and outside of school more frequently - all with the expectation of being treated with kid gloves.

The Left will get exactly what they want - more disorder, more oppressed "privileged" whites, and more blacks who wind up in jail.

Even a cursory reading of history will reveal that the Left will always craft a plan that they know will accomplish the opposite of what they purport to desire. Once the results come in and can no longer be denied, they will then assert that "we did not go far enough" and demand further restrictions on school officials. This in turn will only pave the way for the next step.

Blacks and Hispanics, while being soothed with the assurances that the American Left is on their side, will be used as tools to further erode order in schools and the rest of society.

This is not only a phenomena of urban areas. Throughout regions such as that of  Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina, this has already been the unofficial practice of school officials  for many years. Parents of white children  from that region will - in careful whispers, note that blacks students, acting with the knowledge that they can get away with far more than can whites, frequently initiate fights or harass other students, both male and female. If a white students make the slightest attempt to avoid being a victim or help another who is being harmed, school administrators will inevitably punish them and leave the ones who initiated the assault alone and satisfied.

The Duke University Lacrosse rape case, a tragedy in which despite the fact that the alleged victim was proven many times over early in the case to have been lying, is another case in point from criminal and political standpoints. The prosecutor/district attorney, being an elected official in North Carolina, refused to drop the charges even though there was no possible way that he still believe that the black dancer had in fact been raped by the college students. Blacks in the region were being fed a train of lies in order to garner more votes.

Things are getting very ugly.

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