Friday, January 3, 2014

Parallels Between Diana West and George Orwell

Our readers are familiar with the ongoing campaign of willful misinformation and other shameless attacks on Diana West for her work American Betrayal. So intense and focused have been the efforts of supposed conservatives to belittle her accomplishments that I consequently posited the argument that many of these individuals, including the staff of Front Page Mag, may actually be something other than what they affect to be. From what I have seen them do to Ms. West (and to the late Pope Pius XII) I would not be surprised in the least if they are in bed with the enemy and only function as a conservative group in order to serve as a filter - leaving us access to "approved" tidbits while screening the truly damning evidence of Marxists at the highest levels of US leadership.

The following link from Gates of Vienna is the most recent in a series of posts that have provided a rare venue for both honest assessments of Ms. West's work and refutations of the weak but scandalous attacks of her detractors.

I found the remarks that compare the trials of Ms. West to those of George Orwell to be very interesting. The author of Animal Farm and 1984, , though a Socialist himself, nevertheless recognized that central planning inevitably leads to totalitarianism. Like Ms. West, Orwell ran in to a host of roadblocks thrown into his path by influential individuals from his own country when he tried to expose the truth about both the Soviet Union and the darling of the Western Left of the 1930's - the Spanish "Republicans". Few are aware that the Leftists who ran Spain prior to the civil war of 1936-1939 had unleashed violent anarchists on the People in order to make them so fearful as to desire what the Left had to offer - control. Once the Republicans had a fight on their hands with the Nationalists, there was no purpose in making the people cower in fear of anarchists. They were then conveniently dealt with by the normal means of Leftists (Now strongly influenced by Soviet agents) who need to dispose of allies who have served their purpose.

Please take the time to read the post. It is another good piece on the massive influence of Soviet agents in the FDR administration, and also paints a clear picture of an England that had fallen to the mindset of the Left. The parallels between their language and that of the modern American Left also struck me. When our Congress is able to do little but occasionally block the moves by Obama and Co, they are - just as Parliament was then, accused of doing nothing. In this manner the People are being trained to desire politicians who will "get things done" even if those things are designed to slowly enslave the People.

Links includes another post in a hyperlink on GOV post.

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