Monday, December 5, 2011

More Attacks on Christians - Kitman and Taquiyya no Longer Needed by Kurds

In addition to the attacks on Egypt's Copts, which have not abated and are or course largely ignored by the Leftist press, now Kurds are joining in on the fun. Liquor stores and other businesses owned by Christians were destroyed in attacks that occurred on December 1st.

Kurds of course were perfectly happy to receive all sorts of assistance from the US, especially in the years following the first Iraq war. They no longer have to engage in strategically misleading statements and acts that are recommended in Islam to convince non-Muslims when they (Muslims) are not in a position of strength. Now that they have their self-administered zones, they have no need to avoid lashing out at those who are coreligionists with most of those in the US military. When Kurdish leaders were referring to "Haji" Bush and presumably giving the same praise to Clinton, they in all probability were employing the principles of Kitman and Taquiyya. The former refers to concealment of the facts or intentions (in regards to ones' religion), the latter more to outright lying about the same.

The Christians of the Middle East are leaving their homelands of two millennia in droves. The West ignores their plight. The US will not allow for them to ask that their religion (and consequent suffering as a result) be considered in any applications for Visas. The US only will allow that their nationality or possibly their political affiliation be considered. The existence of these Christians in the geographic region of Christianity's origin is at best a nuisance for the Leftists of the West, who need the cooperation of Muslims and indeed are busy tearing at Christianity from all angles in Western nations. Having more Christians (who will probably at some point vote) whose traditions are even more deep-set and hallowed by time than those of Europe and Europe's former colonies is the last thing that Leftists want in their own countries.

If the Christians of that region ever decide to stand up for themselves in the future, they will no doubt held to be at fault by the media. They are expected to just wither away as a group.

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