Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Attacks on Christians in Nigeria a Possible Turning Point

Most are aware by now that in Nigeria over three dozen people were killed in a wave of bombings that targeted Christians during Christmas. This of course is nothing new as Muslims have been known to ramp up their works of violence as this particular holiday approaches. See the earlier post on this subject.

Here is a new development - leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria have indicated that their flocks will no longer play the part of sheep in the face of any further attacks. The following is a quote of the statement released by the group:

 “We have hitherto exercised restraint in our public statements on these matters. However, we cannot continue to do so indefinitely, and are determined that in the year 2012, if these unprovoked attacks continue, and Christians remain unprotected by the security agencies, then we will have no choice but to defend our lives and property and take our own steps to ensure our safety and security”.

I hope with all of my heart that these people follow through with this. Christians can not allow this to happen any longer. There are times when turning the other cheek is diametrically opposed to Christian thought. This is not the case of one person wronging another. What we have here is a war being waged on a people/group. Continually allowing violent people to run roughshod over one's community, property, and lives would be nothing short of a prideful show of false humility (a sin in itself) and place the innocent in harms' way. Those who are capable of taking action must be prepared to do so lest their forfeit their label of Jew or Christian.

I am also anxiously awaiting the response of the Left and the UN to this statement. No doubt it will consist of decrying the proposed "escalation of violence"

This is the link to the article:

In the words of King Hrothgar, played by Anthony Hopkins in the 2007 digitized movie Beowulf, when asked if they should (apparently without other action) offer prayers for deliverance from Grendel, "No, Unferth, no.... No, the gods will do nothing for us that we will not do for ourselves. What we need is a hero."

My formula will of course be a bit different - I would offer my prayers to protect us from further attacks and, understanding that at times we are to endure trials, pray that we be given the means and the courage to defend ourselves until the enemy is either won over or defeated.

God requires that people work to be able to eat, clothe, and house themselves. The same goes for ensuring one's safety.

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