Sunday, December 11, 2011

China's One-Child Program Results in Purchased Wives and Sex Slaves

Credit to Gates of Vienna blog for posting this on their news feed.
The article in the link above noted that China's one-child policy has resulted in such a shortage of marriageable females that women from other countries are effectively being trucked in or otherwise fetched like cattle to deal with this fascist-engineered policy. I cannot imagine how many women are being lured by the promises of jobs and consequently get forced into prostitution. Every developed or wealthy country of course has this to some extent but the scale of it in China must be off the charts.

This one could have been called by a 1970's New Englander with a fifth-grade education who worked on a maple syrup farm.

One looks at this and asks, "What were those idiots thinking when they decided to restrict families to an allowance on one child?"

This policy could only have occurred in a Socialist, Fascist, or Far Eastern society as it is completely devoid of even basic common sense (Leftist) from several angles and involves the basic premise that there is nothing beyond the pale of governmental control. (Leftist and Eastern)

1. Without population growth, how does one propose to be able to pay for an aging population as the working group that pays in gets effectively/relatively smaller?

2. Did they think ahead on how this would affect employers when there were not enough employable people to go around?
I find it highly unlikely that the Chinese would be interested in either ethnically or culturally diluting the Han people by importing tons of non-Chinese.

3. Did they look back and see how the Black Death set Western Europe back a generation or more in terms of growth?

4. Were they unaware that the tremendous preference for male children in this culture was going to result in a dearth of adult women at some point?

5. Who told these people in the first place that the government has the authority to even consider getting involved in this matter?

A Westerner would look at this back when it started and decide that the job of the individual is to begin having as many children as possible to combat a law that by its very nature screams out to be defied. Leftists have a mindset that is very close in many ways to that of the Easterner. Feminists in the West barely made mention of China's intrusion into matters of family. Indeed many would likely have applauded some measure of control or means to make it financially difficult (i.e. tariffs) for those who dared defy the ruling elite and their false doctrine of overpopulation.

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