Friday, November 11, 2011

Austrian We Are Church Group Intends to Do Priestless Masses

Below is an excerpt from a Reuters UK article:

VIENNA | Mon Nov 7, 2011 1:59pm GMT
VIENNA (Reuters) - Dissident Austrian Catholics announced lay people will start celebrating Mass when a priest is unavailable, a clear call to disobedience just as the country's bishops hold their autumn conference.
A manifesto adopted by dozens of activists at the weekend said lay people will preach, consecrate and distribute communion in priestess parishes, said Hans Peter Hurka, head of the group We Are Church.
"Church law bans this. The question is, can Church law overrule the Bible? We are of the opinion, based on findings from the Second Vatican Council, that this (ban) is not possible," he said Monday.
End quote.

This thing has one wondering what dolts We Are Church" chooses to be their spokespersons.
Pretending to be under the impression that something means or is the opposite of what it actually is occurs all-to-frequently in the West today. Mr. Hurka pretends to think that the Church's requirement that masses are to be celebrated by Priests somehow stands in contrast to the Bible, which pretty clearly establishes the practice of the Eucharist in the context of one who is part of the apostolic succession/appointed by such. If the reference to the apostolic succession is too much, I would be happy to agree with someone who would go no further than "who is a Church Minister/Elder".

The more sickening part is the reference to Vatican II. This council has been the subject of more outright lies than any governing body/convention/committee in the history of the world. The Leftists, while pretending to be Catholics, desire to bring down the Church piece-by-piece. They have repeatedly walked around and about making all sorts of outrageous claims that what they are doing either is outlined by the Second Vatican Council or is in their vague words "In the spirit of..."

In today's society, where honesty means little, one can pretend to be of the opinion that a Council decided on positions and practices that were completely contrary to what the actual signatories wrote and signed to document as their decisions. If that course is not chosen, then one can just pretend that the council did in fact decide or desire whatever one in his delusional mind would have wanted and hope that no one checks by reading what the council wrote.

I thought that We Are Church peaked in the early 90s. They were never an exceptionally bright lot, mostly being comprised of pseudo-intellectuals and angry feminists who knew next to nothing about the Bible and really wanted to keep it that way. They like to play-act things like Consecrating the Host and pretend that it is the same as the real thing.

If they really cared about the Church, they would press for more investigations/hearings into the suppression and destruction of evidence and malfeasance/ nonfeasance of Church administrators in reference to pedophiles in the priestly ranks. The need to purge the Church and society of all who committed criminal acts and those who allowed these to go unpunished is almost entirely ignored by We Are Church. The only time that these boneheads bring this issue up is to try to prove that the priesthood needs to be open to all.
(Of course the fact that the vast majority of pedophiles are married men means nothing)
Like marriage, the military, and other intuitions and organizations, the intent of the Left is to tear these down piece-by-piece. The easiest way to do this is to open these ranks to anyone. That way these will have little or no meaning. The scandal of US seminaries, where the vast majority of heterosexual, manly, and traditional men are either denied enrollment or thrown out with Soviet-style diagnoses of psychological problems is the biggest open secret of our lifetime. Its intended result, the shortage of Priests, especially manly ones, is celebrated as the left intends to exploit that gap and get their own people in those positions.

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  1. The scandal of seminaries world-wide, unfortunately. Look at some of the archives at Brussels Journal -- ayear or two back.

    Real men are under fire everywhere, not just the pristhood. But this juvenile rebellion won't go anywhere.

    BTW, maybe i missed it but do you have some context for what these Austrians are doing?? I know about the Polish church above Vienna, but am not familiar with Austrian Catholicism or its pastoral needs.

    ...every time I consider rejoining, the Vatican does something utterly insane, like calling for a one-world government. The church has been loony about political and economic wisdom since, oh, at least Leo XIII. Actually it goes back much further. I wish they'd stay out of it and be the city on a hill. What they say they want now amounts to Communism by another name...

    We need married priests. The time for celibacy has paased. The need for it may come again, but a call to the priesthood should be separated from the charism of celibacy. If they can let in all the Anglican married priests, as they did not too long ago - Anglicans running from a hollowed-out church -- then the time has come for other married men to be accepted into the seminaries. Boy, that would change things.