Friday, September 23, 2011

More Finger-pointing at Israel

Today the General Assembly was requested to grant the full recognition of the Palestinian (Authority, people, region?)  as a member state. This was purportedly due to frustration with the last twenty years worth of negotiations with Israel. Mr. Abbas of course conveniently left out that if there was any entity that truly had cause to be frustrated with the results of the last twenty years, that entity was in fact Israel.

Even the most cursory look at a history of the results of Israeli attempts to get the peace process off the ground shows that each step was almost immediately followed by Palestinian aggression.
Shortly after the Police/Military wing of the Palestinian Authority was created, it began to engage in gunbattles with Israeli troops.
When Ehud Barak was ready to surrender even East Jerusalem to either international or bilateral control, it wasn't enough for them. That round of negotiations too fell apart and resulted in multiple Palestian attacks.
When the man widely recognized as the Hawk of Israeli politics, Ariel 'Arik" Sharon forcefully removed Jewish residents who had lived their entire lives in settlements in the Gaza strip, that region with barely a pause was transformed into a rocket base from which the weapons were launched repeatedly into Israel. Oh, and don't forget the tunnels that are employed, to mention one use, kidnap Israeli soldiers.

This of course leaves out all the usual attacks, from Southern Lebanon, suicide bombers (largely negated since the completion of the accursed wall), etc.

The Palestinian Authority is a corrupt organization. Millions of dollars worth of aid just seem to disappear. Hamas still runs Gaza and true to radical Muslim principles, cries foul when Israel blockades the zone to ensure that weapons do not pour into the area. (After they employ rockets against that country)

The Palestinians only have their name as a people because at one point it got applied to them. They are Arabs - not Edomites, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Syrians, or any other entity that has roots similar to those of the Jews in that region. Palestine itself was the word that the Romans applied after almost losing to the Jews during their repeated revolts. They didn't want the region (Judea) being referred to by a name that brought the Jews to mind. Rome was fed up with the fact that someone came so close to beating them that they renamed the place after the infamous Philistines of long ago, a people who had ceased to exist long, long before. ( And were most probably Achaean Greeks displaced by the Dorian invasions)
No Palestinian state has ever existed. There is no reason why there cannot be one. Land swaps and other measures that will allow for a mutually secure border must be given consideration by the Palestinians before grandstanding before the circus that is General Assembly.

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