Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ahmadinejad at it again.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is well-known for his bluster, threats, wild accusations and more. Today he appeared to have set the bar even higher. He unleashed a torrent at the United Nations General Assembly that pretty much accused the US of every bad thing that has happened ever since that nation has been around. Interesting was that, according to him, the travesty of the African slave trade seems to have been almost the sole work of the US. We also initiated both World Wars, killed Bin La din to cover up what really happened, and so on ad nauseum. Oh, and getting rid of Saddam Hussein. which according to him once was a good thing, is now another example of how bad the US is.

Absent was any mention of stoning people to death and Iran or what he planned to do to to help make life any better, even for now, for the Palestinians. He mentioned the situation there certainly, but it looks as if he had more fun using it for the purpose of having another arrow for the target(s).

I can't help but think that the only appreciable reason that the US would want to remain in the UN is that it holds the veto power with the rest of the Security Council nations. The UN itself comes across as a place where the US, Israel. and any other country that does not bow to the combined efforts of the Third World, with Moslem-dominant nations leading the way, can be conveniently smeared with no lack of media coverage.

We live in a culture where one's opinion is given such great weight that we are supposed to have no problem with anybody saying almost anything (unless it offends Muslims or radical liberals). People have no worry about backlash for any statement, even if it is batantly contrary to the most obvious facts. Years ago, people would at least have to fear some degree of soft ostracism if they wanted to make patently false statements.

Cheer up - Maybe we'll get to hear what Venezualan President Chavez wants to add about the US this time.
(Unless his recovery process prohibits him from also ignoring how he is running his nation into the ground and using the US as a means to avoid that ugly fact)

Also, at least a decent amount of delegations left shortly after the US walked out on Mr. Ahmadinejad's rants.
Thanks to those delegations and their respective nations.

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