Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Australia Lifts Ban on Women Soldiers in Front Line Units

The Associated Press reported that the Australian Defence Ministry has authorized female soldiers to serve in any unit in the Australian Armed forces, including front line-type infantry units or Special Forces. This reportedly follows previous moves by Canada and New Zealand.

The societal current in the West is one of enforced silence on issues such as this. Those who dare raise their voices are met with mockery, outright hostility, or at best pursed lips and raised eyebrows. Anything that does not support the pretend-world that we have created is prohibited. We are effectively not allowed to make mention of the fact that women's and men’s bodies are appreciably different from each other. This applies to short-term bursts of strength as well and the ability to shoulder heavy burdens for long periods of time. It also includes standard infantry tasks like moving, wearing and employing increasingly heavy body armor, weaponry, ammunition, as well as manual labor such as digging and filling sand bags.

I have witnessed this topic being brought up on numerous occasions. This point will of course be dismissed as biased as currently in the US military women are still barred from serving in these unit, but the fact remains that men who have actually been in these units are not calling for women even to share the burden in the infantry. If anything, they would call for stronger restrictions on what men are allowed to be in the infantry. Barely a current or former infantryman exists who, weighed down by a machine gun, a tripod, water, ammunition, a base plate or tube for a mortar (Can't assume that all mortarmen are uninjured), optical equipment, radios, and more, did not have thoughts of dropping out of a formation due to exhaustion while simply moving the distance from Point A to Point B.
The reason that he did not was that his body has the ability to be pushed physically by his will to continue.
A person, even one who starts out in great physical shape, may have all the right intentions to push on, but if the body does not have the tools to do so, it will fail.

I served both in units that allowed females and those that did not. The women, although in good shape and spirits, simply did not posses the ability to perform this type of heavy manual labor that was required. The only people whom I have witnessed calling for such a move are those who have not been in that environment.
Today we define things from the outside. We decide things are what we would prefer they be.

An interesting note is that I have heard isolated support for allowances of this type from some civilian police officers. It is a known fact that females do indeed make fine law enforcement officers; especially since the days of needing the 6' 4" 220 lb Sheriff/Cop are long gone. Our tools, which include tasers, pepper spray, and vastly improved radio communications have eliminated much of the advantages of the big guys in this case.
Some cops who have never been in the military though, tend to heap much importance on their work tasks and thus equate their work more or less with that of infantry soldiers (This is particularly true with SWAT personnel). They move and communicate tactically, shoot military-type weapons, stay in better physical condition, etc. The similarities stop at that point. From there the infantryman picks up a long, extremely physically demanding grind of heavy and extended work that taxes every guy until he needs to call upon himself to continue, even if it is to avoid being ostracized by his peers for failing to keep up.

Now to address the issue of the few women who can in fact keep up:

OK, I get it. Yes, there are indeed women around the world that I have witnessed performing extremely heavy works tasks for lengths of time. One example I offer from my own experience is a farmhand who could throw bales of hay markedly further than could I. Honestly, I was not threatened but impressed as I could throw pretty well also. There are of course others, but we are talking about a tiny fraction of women who can do such work. It likely that, if we evenly distribute the women who not only want but are actually able to consistently do such work, each infantry platoon (or possibly company- size element) will have a mean average of less than one female soldier per unit.

So there we are; to appease the radical liberals we have one woman among either 30 or up to 120 men in an infantry platoon or company. What have we accomplished? The radical liberals are not out to set things right for women. They are on their path to dismantle every part of Western Civilization and the anti-male agenda is a big part of their strategy. So again we are supposed to politely pretend that this is going to work out well. The Australian Military now has little or no say on the makeup of its own combat units.

We can’t go on pretending that every restriction in akin to Major League Baseball when it formerly (effectively) prohibited blacks from playing. Some restrictions are indeed based on fact. At some point the voices will need to be heard before the primary line of defense or force projection of a country is of significantly less value than it once was.

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