Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Refugees" Take Over Vienna Church

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Europe has long been overrun with illegals of their own. The vast majority of these are from Muslim-majority countries.

Not content with a place to stay and 150 Euros of taxpayer money while their applications for asylum, which tends to be given away like candy in Western Europe, are considered, a number of them waltzed (Pun intended since we are taking about Vienna, after all) on in to  the Votive Church and basically took over the joint.

You see, it does not matter to the Muslims that the parishioners cannot attend mass in their own Church;  Muslims were were wrongfully denied the conquest of Vienna by the outrageous defense of the city on more than one occasion (The last was 1683 one hundred years before the UK recognized the American Republic), so in reality the city and everything inside it rightfully belongs to them anyway. After all, in fairness, the Ottoman messenger did give the citizens a chance to avoid the siege if only they accepted Islam.

Protests by Church officials and parishioners over this act of aggression and forced Dhimmittude were met with feigned self-righteous treatment by the media and the rest of the Left. The response of the Cardinal was a submissive volte-face.

The Catholic Church as a whole is in dire need of some real leaders.

"For a whole day, Christoph Schönborn [The Cardinal] said what the majority of Viennese Catholics are thinking. He showed true anger at the occupiers of the Votive Church. The next day, he was already headed back in the opposite direction, on the leash of the Far Leftists of Caritas and its PR people. They apparently believe that the Church is acting rightly by allowing several MSM outlets to make a fool of it on a daily basis. At any rate, Schönborn once again took the side of those who want to blackmail the republic and force it to change its laws, Which the evil republic is not willing to do — at any rate not yet.

We can at least be happy that the church occupiers are not doing in this situation what is an old and beloved custom in their Afghani and Pakistani homeland — snapping on an explosive belly-belt and blowing it up if they don’t get what they want. After which they will apparently meet their 99 virgins.

So Schönborn is no doubt right to be filled with submissive gratitude. Our dear occupiers haven’t even disturbed the mass. That really makes us happy.

And the next day, the Cardinal can enter his cathedral without a care. A whole company of guards are there to protect him against visitors like the ones who are gladdening the hearts of the parish of the Votive Church. Aside from that, he clearly knows just one thing: nobody is leaving the church. Although it would require only a short visit by the police. But he is convinced that the thing can be resolved by a good conversation.

Until then, Caritas — financed by Church donations — will care for our valued guests. And the Church will not even turn off the electricity, which (you guessed it) is also paid for by the Church. So our valued occupiers can continue using the laptops and earphones already kindly put at their disposal. But please, my dear Cardinal, you have forgotten something — electric blankets and heaters. It would really be too bad if you could not provide them......"

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