Friday, February 1, 2013

Armed Cop Stops School Shooter

-Here is another example to cite when the sheep claim that there is nothing we can do but disarm everyone.

Note that this schools employed metal detectors, but the actor was able to bring the gun inside. It is not clear exactly clear how that happened.


"Atlanta police and Atlanta Public Schools officials have released more details in the shooting that occurred early Thursday afternoon at Price Middle School in southeast Atlanta.

Telvis Douglas, 14, was shot in the back of the neck in a courtyard outside the school by a 15-year-old male student just before 2 p.m., according to Atlanta Police Chief George Turner.

An off-duty Atlanta police officer working as a school resource officer at the school was able to get the suspect to drop the gun before he was arrested, Turner said.

During a news conference that was held by Turner, Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta Public Schools officials on Friday, Turner said that the Atlanta Police Department's Gang Unit is now investigating the shooting......."

Note that the Left will stop at nothing to prove that the evidence against their case actually proves their side. In a truly demonically twisted conclusion, Piers Morgan tried to get his listeners to believe that he (Piers) thinks that, since the actor was able to shoot one person, the armed officer was not able to accomplish anything of value. Leftists lie like rugs, and Piers is no exception. I wonder what Piers' conclusions would be for, say, a criminal who got caught shortly after stabbing someone. My guess is that he would claim that the fact that the arresting officer was of no help in that case either.
With a people almost completely disarmed, Britain, from where Piers hails, has a violent crime rate that is far higher than that of the US. Beatings, murders, and gang-rapes occur with much greater frequency than in the US, but he holds that nation up as an example for us to follow.

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